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Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Release Date Updates!

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Release Date
Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Release Date

Our Beloved Summer is an ongoing South Korean television series. The genre of the series is drama, comedy, and romance. The series is directed by Kim Yoon – jin and written by Lee Na-Eun. The series revolves around a couple who has broken up but are forced to come together again when their documentary goes viral. It is released under the production companies of Studio N and Super Moon Pictures.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Release Date

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3

Episode 1 was released on December 6, 2021, and Episode 2 was released on December 7, 2021. The series has a total of 16 episodes. It got 8.7 ratings out of 10 on My Drama List. It was released on SBS TV and also available on Netflix. The running time of each episode is 60 to 70 minutes. After the two seasons of the series, fans are now waiting for its next episode. We will tell you that the release date of episode 3 is December 13, 2021. And finally, Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Release Date is 14th of December, 2021.

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Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 Story

The story starts with the fighting, negativity, and hating of two school people, Chai Woong and Kook Yeon – soo, who although are the neighbors, but still they hate each other too much. For the documentary shoot in the school, they have to sit with each other and always be together.

If we talk about the personality of the duo, then, in short, they are opposite to each other. Kook Yeon – soo, at one point, is a very studious and serious one while Chai Woong is just opposite to her. Kook has great ambitions and dreams in her life, while Chai is a naughty one who doesn’t take anything seriously. After they broke up, they decided never to meet again, but that documentary suddenly becomes famous. They then are forced to work together again after 10 years.

After growing up, she is wanting her life to turn into the right place. She is being ignored at her job and is not happy with the workplace too. She is a company employee who is working on a book. Other employees demand to meet the author of the book on which she is working, but she had no idea who the author was. After finding the whereabouts of the author, she was waiting outside the door and was shocked to see the face. Guess, who face she had discovered. It was Chai Woong, her ex-lover whom she broke up with very badly. She was thinking about how a backbencher and an ignorant student become so successful in his life? Does she have to work under him? Chai gave her a deal of working and helping her only if she accepts the offer to work for the documentary.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Story

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3

In the upcoming episodes, we are likely to see their romance again, when they will work together on different projects. It was surprising for Kook when she discovered who the author was. They will remember their old memories, though can fight again. But, the story will amaze us.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 Cast

Choi Woo – Shik in the character of Choi Woong is a 29 years old free-spirited building illustrator. Kim Da – mi in the character of Kook Yeon – soo is a 29 years old realistic public relations expert. Kim Seong – Cheol in the character of Kim Ji – Woong is a 29 years old documentary director and producing the documentary for Choi Woong and Kook Yeon-soo. No Jeong – ee in the character of En Je – i is a 25 years old top idol named ‘NJ’, who is a top star and does not miss the top spot.

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