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Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date: Is Netflix Coming With The Next Instalment?

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date
Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date

An original Netflix series called Open Your Eyes debuted in August of 2021. The enigmatic Supernatural-Psychological Thriller, Science Fiction Drama served as its inspiration. The Polish television program Open Your Eyes was created by Anna Jadowska and Adrian Panek. It is based on Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk’s 2013 book Druga Szansa. The TV show’s script was written by Milena Dutkowska, Kasper Bajon, Klara Kochanska, and Igor Brejdygant. Along with Poland, it was first screened in several other countries, including India, Japan, the UK, Australia, and Sweden. The series is being produced by a firm called Media Brigade. A season is made up of six episodes, each of which lasts for roughly fifty minutes.  On the same day, every season debuted. IMDb gave it 6.1 out of 10 ratings.

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date
Open Your Eyes

It attracted a large number of viewers from all around the world thanks to its incredible story. The Julia character serves as the central focus of the “Open Your Eyes”‘ story. After the family accident in which your entire family was slain. She then discovered herself receiving amnesia treatment. She develops some sort of relationship with the patients while they are receiving treatment. Julia met a strange boy named Adam at the amnesia rehab clinic, and he served as her tour guide. Since there has been no confirmation of a second season, there is no story for Open Your Eyes.

The Netflix series Open Your Eyes has caused something of an entertainment industry boom in Poland. The Open Your Eyes television program was seen by many individuals as well. We previously know that the Open Your Eyes TV series’ first season would premiere on Netflix in August 2021. Fans of the Open Your Eyes series are eager to learn when this Polish series will premiere because it only has six episodes. It’s terrible that the Open Your Eyes series release date hasn’t been determined yet as the show’s makers haven’t renewed it up until now. Nobody has received any communication from Netflix or the show’s production crew. But given how well-liked this Polish program is, we may assume that season two will likely premiere on Netflix in 2022.

Name of the ShowOpen Your Eyes
Season NumberSeason 2
Open Your Eyes Season 1 Release Date25 August 2021
Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Open Your Eyes Season 2 Overview

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Open Your Eyes Season 2 Story

Open Your Eyes’ first season finishes on a huge cliff-hanger, leaving viewers wondering what will happen next. Possibly in season 2 of Open Your Eyes, this will be resolved. We learn that Julia’s real name is Karolina at the conclusion of the first season. She was involved in a vehicle accident, fell into a coma, and when she awoke, she was no longer able to play the piano. Later, she learns that Adam has been given her skill after it was stolen from her. After that, Karolina must return to the institution to save her comrades.

Season 2 of Open Your Eyes could reveal how talent can be taken from one person and given to another. Adam, or under his given name, Xavier, would attempt to tell others what his father did and return to the facility. Dr. Zofia could be a new adversary that Karolina must contend with. On August 16, 2021, Open Your Eyes’ first season’s second sneak peeks were released on YouTube. Due to the absence of a season 2 renewal, we will have to wait a bit longer for the teaser.

Although Open Your Eyes season 2 has not yet received official approval, the likelihood that it will air is extremely high given the good reception it has received good ratings and viewers. And if Netflix decides to renew the program in the next months, we can anticipate seeing Open Your Eyes season two in 2023 ideally even earlier.

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Cast

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date
Open Your Eyes

Each performer in the Open Your Eyes series did a fantastic job, and the series has a strong cast overall. And a big factor in the appeal of the series is the chemistry between the characters. The primary cast from the first season of Open Your Eyes will probably return for the second season. Julia will be portrayed by Maria Wawreniuk, Adam by Ignacy Liss, Dr. Zofia Morulska by Marta Nieradkiewicz, and Piotr by Marcin Czarnik. As Pawel, Michal Sikroski is acting. Playing Milena is Zuzanna Galewicz. In the role of Szymon is Wojciech Dolatowski. Iza is portrayed by Klaudia Koscista. Anielka is portrayed by Martyna Nowakowska.

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Trailer

Season one of the Open Your Eyes television series debuted its trailer in July 2021. After a month, the second Open Your Eyes season one trailer was also made available. We will need to wait a little longer for the season 2 trailer because the show has not yet received a renewal. The season one trailer link is located at the top of this post.

Where To Watch Open Your Eyes Season 2 Online?

You can watch all the episodes of season one of Open Your Eyes on Netflix and Prime Video.

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