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One Punch Man Chapter 159 Release Date!

One Punch Man Chapter 159 Release Date
One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a Japanese action-packed comedy manga web series developed by ONE. It was self-published in 2009 and is currently on the run. Later on June 14, 2012, One Punch Man was published by Shueisha in the Tonari no Young Jump magazine. However, its English version is printed by Viz Media in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The animated version of One Punch Man was developed in October 2015 by Madhouse under the direction of Shingo Natsume. Later in the same year, a DVD was also released under the same team.

The story is about the Super Hero Association that was built to kill the evil forces. These evil forces were about to invade earth and had no other barriers raised to stop them. Therefore, a rich man named Agoni lays the foundation for the association as an alternative. The local superheroes were invited to join the association for a collaborated action. However, the admission was based on strict tests in which everyone needed to be passed.

Along with other superheroes, Saitama also undergoes the test along with Genos but fails to clear the written test. For that reason, Saitama is admitted in the lower rank which lacked public recognition. On the other hand, Saitama had the power to defeat an enemy with a single punch. Considerably, the evil invasion rose which left the heroes defenseless. Their superpowers came to be ineffective at a time when dealing with strong figures. Super Hero Association lost several members who joined a rival gang that seemed more powerful.

One Punch Man Chapter 159 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 159 Release Date

The 159th chapter of One Punch Man is expected to be out by February 19th or 26th of 2022. It is not currently published in the Tankobon format but is available online. Every chapter is published either on the last or first Saturday of the month at midnight JST. The Tankobon format is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. One Punch Man had its first chapter published in 2009 and later modified and released as a remade version. The English version of the manga series is published after the raw version is out.

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One Punch Man Recap

Before fighting Centipede Garou and Metal bat had a battle in which metal bat lost. However, both of them shared feelings for each other and decided to bloom their friendship. Garou and Metal bat gets bonded and fight the monsters after shaking hands with the Heroes. During their fight, both of them combined their powers and the result was destructive. Combining both their powers, they planned to evade the core from the Centipede and even conducted the rescue operation to save the passengers in the airplane. 

One Punch Man Chapter 159 Characters

One Punch Man Chapter 159 Release Date


He is a superhero who has the power to defeat any enemy with one single punch. Due to the reason, he is considered to be the main hero of the comic. He is so strong and often performs a multi-task. However, he was first a normal human but later transformed into this superhero form. Being able to defeat anyone with ease, Saitama lost interest in what he does which led him to join the Super Hero Association. Despite being strong, he was poor in reasoning which gave him a low-rank job.  


The little boy lost his family after an attack from the cyborg known by the name Mad. He wanted to be powerful like Saitama and became his disciple after seeing his victories. Dr. Kuseno helped him in his body transformation which increased his strength. Genos lacked patience which often led him to near-death situations but Saitama saved him every time. He was also admitted into the Super Hero Association along with Saitama.        


The powers of Blast were incredible and therefore rated as the most powerful superhero of the Super Hero Association. He was a part of the universal guardians who were on a mission to collect the shattered God’s Cubes. However, went missing for a long time with no information on his hideout. On the contrary, Blast helps Saitama in taking back God’s cube found within the monster’s association.

One Punch Man Trailer

The trailer of the One Punch Man manga series is not available on YouTube. On the contrary, the official trailer of the One Punch Man animated series was released on September 22, 2015. The manga series is published either on the first or the last Saturday of a month. It is printed in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in English and Tonari no Young Jump magazine in the regional language.  

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