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One Piece Chapter 1041 Release Date!

One Piece is a Japanese manga series published on July 22, 1997. The series is written by Elichiro Oda and published by Shueisha. It is currently published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine which is imprinted by Jump Comics. However, the dubbed English version of the series is published by Viz Media. An animated version was premiered in the year 1999 and later continued with films and video games. The action-packed fantasy manga series has already published 101 volumes to date.

The story pivots around a man who is made of rubber whose name is Monkey D Luffy. He always dreamed of becoming the King of Pirates, therefore decides to travel through the Blue sea. There were talks about the mysterious treasure which Luffy wanted to find by following the footprints of the Red-Haired Shanks. On the journey, he makes new friends including the pirate hunter and swordsman from the Straw Hat Pirates. Later on, more people join in the journey to find the treasure which included Nami, Sanji, Usopp, and so on. With the new ship and a crew with a common goal, they set off in the ship “Going Merry” and later the “Thousand Sunny”. On their way, they had to confront a certain situation to move forward. 

One Piece Chapter 1041 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1041 Release Date

The release date of One Piece is scheduled for release on February 21, 2022. The series is currently published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine every Monday at 2 am JST. The previous episode of the series was issued on February 14, 2022, titled Wasted Words on Young Ears and the next one will come out by 21 February 2022. There had been a total of 101 volumes for the series with 1040 chapters. The series was premiered on July 22, 1997, which later paved way for the release of video games along with film and music pieces.

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One Piece Recap 

Big mom tries to control the attack against her which was designed by the Eustass kid. She grabs the hole which was created by the aftershock of Law’s attack. Big mom charged up and decided to make the Kid suffer. For that reason, she challenged the kid after making the so-called Soul Pocus move. However, that didn’t cause many problems to Kid and Law but the rest of them including the Beast Pirates were extremely threatened by the situation. Some of them even felt life-threatening and ran away.

To neutralize the sound attack of Big mom, Law used an R-room which makes her ineffective for the moment. But while using this attack, Misery gets in the way of Law which raised the pressure. On the other hand, Law destroys Misery’s attack with ease. With successfully managing to barrier her, the attack from Kid takes her down. 

One Piece Chapter 1041 Characters   

One Piece Chapter 1041 Release Date

Monkey D Luffy

He is also known by the name Straw Hat Luffy is the captain and founder of the gang. Inspired by his childhood hero, he wanted to be a Pirate king and was continuously making use of all the opportunities to reach his goal. He has a rubber body which happened after he ate the Gomo Gomu mo Mi also known as Gum-Gum fruit. The X scar has in his face is due to the wound that was caused after a war. 

Roronoa Zoro

He is known by the name Pirate Hunter Zoro and is also the second member of the crew. Zoro was rescued by Luffy who later shared the same interest. He was a swordmaster therefore, was the best among the entire Straw Hats gang. Having a massive number of Bounty, Zoro is considered as a man from the worst generation. His goal is to become the best swordsman in the world and is equally a hardworking fellow. 


The orphan girl Nami is the navigator of the entire Straw Hat gang. She lost her village to Ariong and was a former member of the Ariong pirates. Nami’s ultimate aim was to get a huge amount of money and use it to buy her village back.

One Piece Trailer

The official trailer of One Piece Stampede was released on 27 January 2019. However, the trailer of the manga publication is not available on YouTube. The manga can be read from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine every Monday at 2 am JST. However, the manga can be read online via VIZ’s website as well as from Mangaplus which is also available as a mobile application.     

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