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No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date Coming?

No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date
No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date

Adapted from a Tasuku Karasuma-written and -illustrated Japanese manga series, No Guns Life is a paranormal anime. Its central themes of corruption and dehumanization, which are bolstered by its gritty noir style, make it shine brighter than most of the anime in its immediate vicinity. Madhouse Studio Production, an anime production company known for works like Death Note, picked up the series. The main setting takes on a cyberpunk aesthetic thanks to the ominous and dark backgrounds. The artwork from the anime has recognizable elements. 

 As mentioned, the anime is set in a cyberpunk universe. Humans in this world are mainly cyborgs and are called “Extended.” The city is rife with a crime that is totally out of control and unchecked every day. With such technology available, society has descended into complete chaos. The main character of the narrative, Juzo, is an Extended problem solver who uses both his mental and physical abilities to deal with other Extended. The anime is more sci-fi and action-oriented than a paranormal detective program. Each episode of the narrative introduces new corruption and persistent urban issues. We also get to know people who Juzo is friends with, like Tetsuro Arahbaki and Mary Steinberg. Despite the fact that they each have separate objectives, these two work together with Juzo.

According to ratings for the first and second seasons on MyAnimeList, the anime series is quite well-liked by viewers, with scores of 6.87 and 7.06, respectively. In a very short period of time, it was able to amass a sizable following. They are all eagerly anticipating the third season of this show right now.

No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date

No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date
No Guns Life Season 3

The first two seasons of the show consist of 12 episodes, with each episode lasting exactly 24 minutes. The latest episode of the second episode concluded on September 25, 2020. The second season was very much more liked by the audience than season 1.

 It was very impressive in terms of the visuals, music, atmosphere, and color scheme. This means that even though the show may not have any current plans to come back, we won’t know for sure until we hear it. However, the good news is that there is a good chance that the anime will come back for a third season sooner rather than later. The good news could be announced by the end of 2023 if everything appears to be going well.

SeasonsRelease Dates
No Guns Life Season 1 Release Date11 October 2019
No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date

No Guns Life Season 3 Story

On September 18, 2021, the original manga series from which the anime was adapted came to an end. There are 13 volumes in the entire manga. Seven volumes, divided into two seasons, have been adapted. The third season of No Guns Life can therefore be produced by Madhouse Studio with plenty of content. Without skipping any chapters, it’s likely that they’ll start the upcoming installment at the beginning of the eighth book.

In the last two seasons, we got to know a lot about Juzo, but it was never revealed who turned him into a cyborg and erased all of his memories. Sulfur, uses Tetsuro, a harmony device developed by Beruhren Corporation, on Juzo as a guinea pig in a test that made him confront their past. In the new season, Juzo will use his capabilities to survive and travel to Weapon’s Vault with Mary, who has her own ambitions of finding her brother, to find a way to repair Juzo. But on their way, they may end up finding something more than they ever expected. 

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No Guns Life Season 3 Characters

No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date
No Guns Life Season 3

Junichi Suwabe voiced by Juzo Inui

As a result of the war, he developed into an overloaded Gun Slave Unit. He eventually accepts a position as a processor and works to resolve Extended-related issues.

Manami Numakura voiced by Mary

She is a young engineer who works on Extends and a friend of Juzo Inui. 

Daiki Yamashita voiced by Tetsuro Arahabaki

The son of Beruhren Corp CEO, Soichiro Arahabaki, was used in experiments but managed to escape.

No Guns Life Season 3 Trailer

So far, no trailer has been made available for this season. 

Where to Watch No Guns Life Season 3?

You can stream it using your Roku device’s Prime Video, Hulu, or Apple TV. It is also available on Netflix and Crunchyroll in selected regions.

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