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NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date

NCIS Hawaiʻi is an American television series on police procedural that aired September 20, 2021, on CBS. It is the fourth season and a spin-off of the long-running NCIS franchise. NCIS Hawaii was created by Jan Nash, Matt Bosack, and Christopher Silber who also work as executive producers and writers, with several episodes being directed by Larry Teng. The cast includes Yasmine Al-Bustami, Jason Antoon, Tori Anderson, Vanessa Lachey, Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills, and Kian Talan. The series was given a full-season order in October 2021.

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date

The seventeenth episode of NCIS Hawaii season one, titled “Breach” is scheduled to release on March 21, 2022. NCIS Hawaii is currently being telecasted on CBS at 10/9c every Monday. The duration of the episode is expected to be approximately 44-45 minutes, similar to the previous episodes of this season. It follows the sixteenth episode, “Monster” and will be continued by the eighteenth episode, “T’N’T” which will air on March 28, 2022.

EpisodesRelease Dates
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date20 September 2021
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date27 September 2021
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 15 Release Date7 March 2022
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date21 March 2022
NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Story

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date
NCIS: Hawaii

The Hollywood Reporter was informed by an anonymous source, on February 16, 2021, that a deal finalizing the fourth series of the NCIS franchise, which will be titled NCIS Hawaii.

CBS announced that Christopher Silber, Jan Nash, and Matt Bosack would create and be executive producers while the co-runners would be Silber and Nash. Different from the previous series of the franchise there wasn’t any announcement regarding a backdoor pilot episode. The series was also speculated to have the protentional to cross over with other Hawaii-based CBS dramas, Magnum P.I.

It was reported, in early April 2021, that the series would make a comeback for the 2021-22 season and this was clarified when CBS, on April 23, 2021, announced the NCIS Hawaii series. The pilot episode was announced to be directed by Larry Teng pilot and the episode for the series was written by Bosack, Nash, and Silber. The series was known officially called NCIS Hawaiʻi. On October 11, 2021, an announcement was made by CBS for a full season. CBS announced on January 3, 2022, that there would be a crossover between the NCIS Hawaii and the nineteenth season of the parent series which would be taking place March 28, 2022.

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CBS reported looking for a female lead on April 7, 2021, for NSCI Hawaii making it the first series in the NCIS franchise to do so. Jane Tennant was the name given tentatively to the female lead along with other important characters around the same time. On April 30, 2021, it was reported that the role of Jane Tennant would be played by Vanessa Lachey who was the first to be cast in the series as a regular. On the other hand, Yasmine Al-Bustami was cast to play the role of Lucy and Jason Antoon was cast to play the role of Ernie were also added. Noah Mills late joined the cast to play the role of Jesse. Tori Anderson who was cast to play the role of Kate Whistler and Kian Talan who was cast to play the role of Alex were both casts as regular members of the series. On July 8, 2021, Alex Tarrant was cast to play the role of Kai and Enver Gjokaj was cast to play the role of recurring Joe Milius.

Beulah Koale, former Hawaii Five-0 star was cast in the series’ first two-part story as a guest star. In the cross-over event, NCIS stars Wilmer Valderrama and Katrina Law are said to make an appearance. Gary Cole and Diona Reasonover are also said to join them.

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Cast

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Episode 17 Release Date
NCIS: Hawaii

Vanessa Lachey plays the role of Jane Tennant. Jane is in charge of the NCIS: Hawaii and is the first female Special Agent.

Alex Tarrant plays the role of Kai Holman. Kai is a new NCIS agent on the team who returned home to care for his father.

Noah Mills plays the role of Jesse Boone. Jesse is Jane Tennant’s confidant as well as the second-in-command. Boone is also a former homicide detective who worked in Washington, DC.

Yasmine Al-Bustami plays the role of Lucy Tara. Lucy is a junior field agent of NCIS: Hawaiʻi, and Whistler’s girlfriend.

Jason Antoon plays the role of Ernie Malik. Ernie is NCIS: Hawaiʻi cyber intelligence specialist.

Tori Anderson plays the role of Kate Whistler. Kate is a Defence Intelligence Agency Officer and Tara’s girlfriend.

Kian Talan plays the role of Alex Tennant. Alex is Jane’s eldest child.

Where to Watch NCIS Hawaii Season 1?

NCIS: Hawai’i can be watched on CBS at 10/9c every Monday.

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Trailer

NCIS Hawaii Season 1 Trailer was released on September 10, 2021, on the official YouTube Channel of Rotten Tomatoes.

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