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Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release Date: Will German Amateurs Bakers Return?

Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release Date
Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release Date

Nailed It! Germany, known as Wer Kann, Der Kann! in German, is a German reality TV show. It was directed by Dennis Fuß. The show is a follow-up of the American quasi-game show, which gathered quite a lot of fans. Netflix jumped on the opportunity and gave out other versions of the show, which include its Spanish, French, Mexican, and now German versions. This show has what people say is typical “German humor,” which quite entertained its viewers.

The show has a very tasty theme where the contestants compete with each other in baking, and the hosts decide who is the best among them and give him/her five thousand euros. Let’s find out whether the German version of Nailed It! is retraining just like its other versions, or has it failed to live up to expectations and has been canceled.

Nailed It! German Season 2 Release Date 

Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release Date
Nailed It! Germany Season 2

The American version, on one hand, had a lot of fans and its popularity was quite high in the clouds. The German version, on the other hand, failed to live up to its promise. The series has a total score of 5.7 out of 10 on IMDb, the popular movie and show site, ranked by 571 users, which is quite depressing considering that the show was supposed to go hand in hand with the American version in popularity.

Despite all this, Netflix has not yet canceled the show, and there are chances that it might return sooner than expected. Season 1 of the show aired all of its 6 episodes on Netflix on January 17, 2020, with each episode almost an hour long, which is almost 2 and a half years ago. Considering that there has not been any news of it getting continued, we can expect that Netflix will give us positive news in late 2022 or early 2023. Even though nothing is confirmed, let’s keep hoping it returns with another happy and tasty season.

Name of the ShowNailed It! Germany
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSpecial Interest
Nailed It! Germany Season 1 Release Date17 January 2020
Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Overview

Nailed It! German Season 1 Recap

The hour-long episode of Nailed it! German was divided into parts where three competitors competed against each other for a prize of five thousand euros. They have to bake what they have been assigned to impress the judges. The interesting thing about the show is that all the people who are to bake have never baked ever in their life and are amateurs. So now, whoever is the least bad out of the three wins the competition and gets to take the prize money home. There are a total of two rounds in one competition, and the three contestants have to prove their worth and show their talent in those two rounds under a given time limit.

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In the first round, the bakers are assigned to reproduce large cookies bearing elaborately detailed likenesses of the judges in frosting. They are given a time limit of 30 minutes to do so. They have to knead the dough, give it shape, bake it for enough time, and then decorate it all in just 30 minutes. Given the time limit, the result comes out to be more fun than tasty. The judges taste them and declare a winner among the three. 

They must create a cake bust of German rock star Udo Lindenberg, who is similar to Tom Petty in appearance and has jowls, a signature hat, and sunglasses, for the competition’s second round. The total time limit in this round is 90 minutes. Again, with the short time limit, they need to bake and decorate the cake without burning it. The final winner of the round wins the competition and the money.

Nailed It! German Season 2 Story

We are expecting the humor of the season with the amateur bakers to continue in the new season. The theme must remain the same as that of season one. However, nothing can be confirmed at this moment.

Nailed It! German Season 2 Cast

Nailed It! Germany Season 2 Release Date
Nailed It! Germany Season 2

The judges and the host of season one are expected to return for season 2 are –  Kirsch, a supermodel and chef Bernd Siefert as the host, and the comedian Tahnee as the judge. 

Nailed It! German Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for season 2 of Nailed It! German yet!

Where to Watch Nailed It! German Season 2 Online?

The show is available to stream exclusively on Netflix, where season 2 if it comes out, will be streamed.

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