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Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release Date
Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release Date

In July 2022 ABC Tv rebranded one of the most famous Australian web series ‘Mystery Road’ to its prequel ‘Mystery Road: Origin’. Mystery Road: Origin was the third installment of the franchise, it was also a little different in the storyline. ABC decided to shift the show’s view to the year 1999 to poke at Jay Swann in his youth days. Mark Coles Smith played the role of young Jay Swann who was seen coming back to his hometown called ‘Jardine’. As he arrives at the new station as a constable, he involved in the investigation of crimes committed by gangsters.

Dylan Rivers replaced his father Warwick Thornton and his co-director Wayne Blaire to direct the prequel of Mystery Road. The first installment of the show premiered on 3rd July 2022 and concluded with 6 episodes on 7th August 2022, all the episodes offered a playtime of more than fifty minutes. The production of Mystery Road: Origin moved back to Western Australia for filming, and season one of the show was also shot at that location. As the show moves forward with the success of its prequel, fans are wondering if they would get to catch some glimpse of another season of Mystery Road: Origin. To know more about Mystery Road: Origin season 2, keep scrolling!

Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 release date

The production company of the show ABC Tv has still not renewed the show for another season. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for confirmation from the writers, directors, and creators about the future of the show. There are more reasons to believe that ABC will move forward with another season rather than cancel a well-performing show. The third installment of the show which was a prequel to the first two seasons added a good rating value to the franchise, currently, the show is rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes’ official website and 7.7 out of 10 on IMBD’s official website. We can soon expect ABC to come up with announcements regarding the renewal or cancellation of the show.

Name of the ShowMystery Road: Origin
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime, Drama
Mystery Road: Origin Season 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Overview

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Mystery Road: Origin season 2 story

Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release Date
Mystery Road Origin: Jay Swann

Since the show is not renewed yet, we cannot confirm what will be the storyline for the second season of Mystery Road: Origin. Even though the first installment of the prequel concluded with all the mysteries solved by detective Jay Swann, the creators might add more plots in the show relating to various characters such as Jack (Jay’s father) and Marry Allen (Jay’s love interest). We will have to wait for announcements from creators to know more about the storyline of Mystery Road: Origin season 2.

Mystery Road: Origin season 2 cast

Mystery Road: Origin Season 2 Release Date
Mystery Road: Origin Season 2

Unfortunately, the show has still not been renewed by the creators. But since the show is a prequel to the franchise’s first two seasons, we expect most of the characters to return such as Young Jay Swann and Mary Allen. Keeping the fact in mind that the show’s future still depends on the decision of ABC, we cannot confirm who will be added to the show or who will be re-casted.

Here are the cast members who appeared in Mystery Road: Origin, Mark Coles Smith as Jay Swan, Tuuli Narkle as Mary Allen, Daniel Henshall as Patrick Southwell, Toby Leonard Moore as Abe, Kelton Pell as Jack Swan, Salme Geransar as Anoushia, Clarence Ryan as Sputty and Lisa Flanagan as Catherine.

Mystery Road: Origin season 1 recap

Season one of the show is based on fictional events in 1999 of the franchise. Young Jay Swann was introduced in the very first chapter of the show, he is seen returning to his hometown called Jardine. He is appointed as a police detective at the station headquarters of the show. Before returning to his hometown, Jay feels nervous about reuniting with people he left behind like his father Jack Swan. Jack later dies and Jay involves in the investigation of his death case. Jay also goes after a gang of robbers called ‘The Kelly gang’, Meanwhile Mary also goes after the murderers of Josh Allen.

Mystery Road: Origin season 2 trailer

Trailer for season two of Mystery Road: Origin is still not available as the creators still have to renew the prequel series. You can find the trailer of the previous season in an attachment provided on top of this article.

Where to watch Mystery Road: Origin season 2 Online?

As season two of the show is still not announced, you can still watch its previous seasons on ABC iView.

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