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My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Release Date Is Yet To Be Confirmed!

My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Release Date

People have different choices. Keeping those differences in mind let’s put forward the very known fact that some of us have a great deal of affinity with the horror genre. We are always in search of some good horror movies or series to watch. They may be capable of scaring us, or worse, stealing our night’s sleep, but the adrenaline rush that we get while watching them is inexplicable. 

In today’s world, where do we find the most horror movies? Where else other than ott platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime? These platforms never lag when it comes to horror movies or web series. Particularly Netflix is dropping one hit after the other. 

My Encounter With Evil is another such horror series that has been dropped by Netflix on 28th October 2022. Perfect for this time of the year when Halloween is just around the corner. This ott platform is just getting successful in inducing ideas for Halloween among the masses. The chilly and spooky season is getting rewarded with a chilly and spooky web series. Nothing can be more delightful than this for us who love watching spooky tales. Interesting and mesmerizing for real. 

My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of the series has not been confirmed by the creators yet. Because the series got released very recently, perhaps the creators of the show have not yet decided if they are ready for a second installment of the show or not. We do not have any predictions regarding the future of the series.

However, if the show received immense appreciation from all across the world, we can hope for a second run of the show. Honestly, who does not like good horror stories that are based on real events? Even if people who are scared of them enjoy them because they are not fictional and have a connection with reality. 

Even though we do not have any news regarding Season 2 of the series, we would love to have one. It will be a treat to us owing to the Trick and Treat season of the year. 

Name of the ShowMy Encounter With Evil
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreDocumentary, Horror
My Encounter With Evil Season 1 Release Date 28 October 2022
My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Overview

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My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Story

We can predict that if the creators decide to return for the second run of the show, we will have people narrate their original experiences with demons with some twist to them. Other than that, there are not any solid predictions regarding the story of Season 2 because the whole area is very uncertain for now.

However, we know about the story of Season 1 of the show. You will have to read further if want to know about the storyline, considering if you do not know about it. 

Season 1 of the series deals with people (real people, not fictional) who came across demonic possessions. They are seen to recount their experiences of those times when they came very close to the dark side of the light through testimonies and reenactments. The story deals with how Florencia’s daughters were under demonic possession which resulted in one being admitted to the hospital. It revolves around exorcisms, a method devised by the Catholic church to expel the demon from the host body. 

My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Cast

My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Release Date

The cast for Season 2 of the series has not been decided since there is no announcement regarding the cancellation or renewal of the series. Everything is in the hands of the creators. Moreover, we do not quite know if the cast of Season 2 will be released or not even if the creators decide to run the show for a second time. 

The cast of Season 1 has not been released by Netflix. The first season of the series has been written by Ramiro Garcia Bogliano. Adrian Garcia Bogliano and Carlos Melendez are the directors of the series. The showrunner is Andres Borda, who also worked as the writer for the show. 

My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Trailer

We do not have any trailer for My Encounter With Evil Season 2. 

If you have not watched the trailer for Season 1 of the show, you can click on the link given below where you can watch it.

Where To Watch My Encounter With Evil Season 2 Online?

You can watch the series on Netflix. You will have to get a subscription according to your requirements and make an account to watch the series on Netflix. All four episodes of the show have been released there. 

Considering we do not have any news regarding Season 2 of the show from its creators, we are not quite sure where Season 2 will be released, but it is somewhat predictable that the second season of the show will also be released on Netflix.

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