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My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers!

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date
My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date

My Brilliant friend is a collaborative venture by Wildside, Fandango, Umedia, Fremantle, and many others. Being an Italian television series, My Brilliant Friend is one of the shows that is first released in the United States with equal importance. However, the television drama is shot completely in different parts of Italy. The vital parts of the series are captured from the City of Naples, Caserta, Latina, Pisa, Milan, and Florence. A team headed by Fabio Cianchetti uses multiple cameras to collect the required visuals for the series. My Brilliant Friend however cannot be considered to be a story from Saverio Costanzo. Moreover, he got the inspiration to set a show from the Italian group of novels called Neapolitan Novels written by Elena Ferrante. The book was later translated and published in the United States thereby getting popular there.

Nevertheless, the language used in the show is not English. Even though its dubbed English version is available, the series features Neapolitan as well as the Italian language. The HBO network along with Rai 1 channel telecast the show with episodes having a duration of just above an hour in most of the cases. It was premiered on November 18, 2018, and also managed to complete twenty-four episodes from its first three seasons.

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date
My Brilliant Friend

A fifth season isn’t even currently on the discussion table as they are preparing for the fourth season. The entire show is based on a group of novels written by Elena Ferrante and released as a collective project in her book called Neapolitan Novels. Furthermore, the book contains four chapters and it is based on these parts that each season is designed. Three seasons have already been released based on the first three parts of the book. Now the remaining part will be released as its fourth season. They are planning on airing the fourth season as the final part. This means that there is a limited number of chances for the release of a fifth season.

Despite declaring it as a finale, it might not be the end of the show. The production team can come up with much more ideas especially when Elena is still working with the screenplay. However, it is difficult to predict the dates of its release because of the ongoing telecasting of the fourth season. With a consistent viewership of approximately four million, a fifth season can be expected sooner or later. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Release Date18 November 2018
My Brilliant Friend Season 1 End Date10 December 2018
My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Story

The series is presented by the view of Elena the author of the novel that the story is taken from. It mainly focuses on the childhood of Elena and the factors that determined their existence in society. Lila was the friend of Elena and was different and highly talented than other students in their class. The encounter with the son of a gangster named Don Achille changed their life in one quick direction. At present Elena is married and has two daughters.

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On the contrary, Lila hasn’t married anyone and is all set to meet Elena after a very long time. The story of the fifth season is still guesswork as there is no fifth chapter in the book. Elena is expected to come back to Naples and is possible to have an encounter with her past once again. Lila might play a key role in the fifth season with a wow factor making it one of the most surprising contents of all time.  

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Cast

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Release Date
My Brilliant Friend

Alba Rohrwacher: Elena

The 43-year-old Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher will be playing Elena in her sixties. She became notable after appearing in the “Days and Clouds” movies in which she won the best supporting actress award. In addition, Alba had received several awards throughout her acting career. 

Gaia Girace: Lila

Gaia is well known for her contributions in Luna Park released in the year 2021. Even though she had an early entry at a very young age, Gaia is currently pursuing her higher studies in management as well. “A Future Together” released in 2021 is her most recent work. 

My Brilliant Friend Season 5 Trailer

It is officially confirmed that the trailer of the fourth season of My Brilliant Friend will be premiered shortly. However, similar reports depicting the fifth season are unavailable. 

Where to Watch My Brilliant Friend Season 5?

It is assumed that the series will be available on Rai 1 with the Italian language and HBO network having its English translation. But, the fifth season hasn’t been announced for the time being. 

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