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Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date: Renewed?

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date
Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Sunshine is the biggest ever responsive television series among other South Korean television series. It is one of the most successful commercial projects in the history of the entire South Korean entertainment industry. The series received such a positive response especially from women as it uncovered the problems faced by women in parts of the country. Consequently, Mr. Sunshine was awarded the best television series recognition. TVN network and Netflix were authorized to air the series on television and online respectively. Having a massive budget of forty billion won, the series was presented with a star cast.

From reports that appeared after its release, it is stated that the series has been benefited financially with a massive impact. The South Korean television series was also dubbed into Japanese and English due to the interest from across the globe. Mr. Sunshine is therefore licensed to be distributed by CJ E&M along with Netflix. Studio Dragon and Hwa&Dam Pictures developed the series under the direction of Lee Eung-bok. Moreover, the first season of the drama was premiered on July 7, 2018, in a 1080i Dolby digital quality and came to an end by September 30, 2018. A total of twenty-four episodes were aired on weekends.

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date
Mr. Sunshine

The twenty-four episodes including the special episode telecasted on September 22, 2018, had reported the biggest gross income in the history of South Korea. It is reported that almost twenty percent of the audience in the country had watched the series and commented with positive critics. However, accusations from a small part of the people calling it a pro-Japanese series attracted negative criticisms as well. It is said that Netflix approved the project only to gain worldwide recognition and was nothing but a marketing strategy. After the show got popular, Netflix also got highly benefitted. When the finale of the first season was streamed, it was concluded in such a way as if it was the final episode. There are also reports stating that Netflix wasn’t ready for a long schedule even in the first season.

However, there were no announcements regarding the renewal of the series in the past two years. On the other hand, people are patiently waiting for the series to continue as the first season was thrilling and full of surprises. The historical romantic melodrama is predicted to come out either by 2023 or 2024. In addition, there are a couple of speculations that the crew members as well as the producers have no further interest to move the show ahead.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Mr. Sunshine Season 1 Release Date 7 July 2018
Mr. Sunshine Season 1 End Date 30 September 2018
Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Story

The historic melodrama tells the story of the American and Japanese invasions as well as conflict towards the Koreans during the late 1800s and early 1900s’. Various problems that happened in that part of the time such as bonded labor, slavery, etc. are the prime focus of the drama. Eugene Choi who was born in the Korean empire and joined the American Navy fell in love with Go Ae-shin when he gets back to Korea. Their relationship leads him to fight to protect the Korean Empire from the invasion of Japan.

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The first season ends with Joseon of the Korean empire fighting strong and their heads high against Japan. There might be a change in the shift of the story in the possible future season. Eugene might end the relations with the United States and join Go Ae-shin or there could be a hole in their relationship which results in serious consequences.

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Cast

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Release Date
Mr. Sunshine

Lee Byung-hun: Eugene Choi

The South Korean actor had won the best actor’s award thirty times in his career and was considered to be the best in business in the country. The 51-year-old veteran was graduated from Hanyang University and is a product of the United Talent Agency.

Kim Tae-ri: Go Ae-shin

The South Korean actress debuted and became popular through the series titled “Entourage” released in 2016. Moreover, Kim Tae-Ri was awarded the ward for the best actress ten times. She had acted in more than five musical albums and 10 movies along with television series combined.

Mr. Sunshine Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Mr. Sunshine season two is yet to be released. Furthermore, it will be released only after the production works of the series commences.

Where to Watch Mr. Sunshine Season 2?

An official confirmation regarding the medium of telecasting is not yet declared. Based on the lights of season one, Netflix stands a chance to air the show online. 

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