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More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date Updates!

More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date
More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date

More Than Blue: The Series is a romance drama in Taiwanese that aired on October 22, 2021, on Netflix. It takes its name and concept from the South Korean movie of the same name which came out in 2009 and its Taiwanese remake.

Its Korean counterpart More Than Blue movie or A Story Sadder Than Sadness came out in 2009. It was directed by Won Tae-yeon with a cast consisting of Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Beom-Soo, and Lee Bo-young. A Taiwanese movie remake under the same name came out in 2018, it included a cast of Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen and was directed by Gavin Lin.

More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date

The Plot of the series is taken from the Taiwanese movie of the same name which was released in 2018 which in itself was taken from the South Korean also of the same name that came out in 2009. Both of these films are said to have a proper ending which ties up the entire story nicely along with the fact that the series itself shows the love between the lead well within its ten episodes, finishing off perfectly in the end, it’s unlikely there will be a Season 2.

SeasonsRelease Dates
More Than Blue Season 1 Release Date22 October 2021
More Than Blue Season 1 End Date22 October 2021
More Than Blue Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date

More Than Blue Season 1 Recap

more than blue
More Than Blue

An Yi-Chi and Wang Po-Han, the two leads of the series, both work at E-Shine Records where they are on the lookout for someone to produce a song for their singer A-Lin. As they search through unreleased songs, they find a perfect one, it is a sad ballad created by K and Cream who they contact to get publishing rights. But they learn that one of the creators K has already passed away due to leukemia and Cream is nowhere to be found.  During their search Yi-Chi uncovers K’s personal Dairy which they find after getting information from a photographer who knew K, the series then shows the life of K portrayed in the pages.

K’s high school life comes into view, he lived with his terminally ill father and a mother who is absent. On the other hand, Cream is sent to an orphanage after her parents die in a car crash. The two manage to find each other and become a singer and writers duo who make music together. Cream writes songs and K sings them. Both K and Cream consider each other as their other half and live together. However, they are faced with an issue.

K knowing very well of Cream’s fear of being left alone hides the fact that he has been diagnosed with leukemia. He loves her to the extent that he does not want her to be alone after his death and starts to search for a man who can keep her happy after he passes away. When asked by Cream what he wants for her he tells the same, Cream later reviles that she has fallen with a doctor she met and although K is heartbroken, he feels joy for Cream.

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Knowing that now Cream is in love with the doctor, K convinces the photographer to change her mind making her break her engagement with the doctor in return for him being a model for her exhibit on the theme of “Death and Desire”. It is revealed however that Cream knew about K’s illness along, but she lied in order to put his mind at ease. She decided to go along with his lie after she found his medication.

The song written by the two is later released with A-Lin who sings it. The lyrics are then revealed to portray the last moment of K’s life. K performs the song for Cream in on the flashbacks showing them reminiscing memories in their lives together. The song is announced to be produced by the late producer K.

More Than Blue Season 1 Cast

More Than Blue Season 2 Release Date
More Than Blue

Fandy Fan plays the role of Chang Che-kai who also goes by the alias K and works as a composer

Gingle Wang plays the role of Sung Yuan-yuan who goes by the alias Cream and works as a lyricist

Wang Po-Chieh plays the role Wang Po-han who works as a music producer

Where to Watch More Than Blue Season 2?

More Than Blue can be streamed on Netflix.

More Than Blue Season 1 Trailer

More Than Blue trailer was released on September 7 2021 on the Official YouTube channel of Netflix Asia.

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