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Monstrous Season 2 Release Date: Is The Thriller Kdrama Returning?

Monstrous Season 2 Release Date
Monstrous Season 2 Release Date

The Monstrous, also known as Ghost, Strange in Korean, is a 2022 supernatural thriller K-drama mini-series on TVING which was directed by Jang Kun-Jae and produced by Byun Seung-min, Han Dong-hwan, and Jeon Ji Joo collectively. 

It has a believable atmosphere, some nicely shot scenes, and a dark color scheme to fit the theme because the series has a dark theme. The CGI and makeup for supernatural beings weren’t great, but they weren’t so bad that the series should have been abandoned in the middle. The television show’s plot held the audience’s interest well enough. The main plot has a lot of potential because religious horror has a very unsettling quality. It is heavily based on Buddhism.

Monstrous Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Monstrous had six episodes, each running for 40 minutes, and was released on April 29, 2022, altogether. The show, being a short series, had a very fast-paced story even though it was not that great, but it was livable. It gathered quite a large audience but failed to live up to the expectations of the producers, the viewers, and the cast’s individual fans. 

The show has not been canceled or renewed by the show’s creator up to this date. But if there is some news update about the show, we expect it to come out in 2023. According to some speculations, the show is supposed to be an anthology with Monstrous being the first part. If it is true, then there are high chances of the show’s return.

Name of the ShowMonstrous
Season NumberSeason 2
Monstrous Season 1 Release Date29 April 2022
Monstrous Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Monstrous Season 2 Overview

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Monstrous Season 1 Recap

Monstrous Season 2 Release Date
Monstrous Season 2

In season one, we saw how Jeong Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin, who previously worked as archeologists, lost their only child in an incident after which their lives changed completely. They get involved in a mysterious supernatural happening involving a Buddha statue who had his eyes covered. They, along with their other friend and some police officers, try to solve the mystery behind it while facing all the dangers that come their way.

Monstrous Season 2 Story

At the end of season one, we got a lot of answers to the questions that were raised at the beginning of the show. Apart from just supernatural things, the series uncovered some of the dark truths the world has been facing since the pandemic, which was quite a new approach to the drama.

In the new season, we expect to see more of the dark-faced world following the story of season one. Our main leads might even encounter some new supernatural dangers while traveling the world, which they will solve in the new season.

Monstrous Season 2 Cast

Monstrous Season 2 Release Date
Monstrous Season 2

The cast from season one is expected to reprise their roles in the new season. The main cast of the first season are –

Jeong Ki hoon is portrayed by Koo Kyo hwan.

The main protagonist of the story, Jeong Ki Hoon, is Lee Soo Jin’s husband, and an archaeologist who studies supernatural happenings around him. His life changed as a result of an unexpected case involving his daughter. He quit his job and now currently runs the YouTube channel Monthly Strange Story and publishes the occult magazine Monthly Strange Story. 

Lee Soo Jin is portrayed by Shin Hyun Been

Lee Soo Jin, the female protagonist of the narrative, is Jeong Ki Hoon’s wife. Together with her husband, she used to decipher writing and symbols when they were archaeologists. However, a tragic event involving her only child changed her life. Following the event, she traveled to Jinyang County, where she encountered a mysterious phenomenon and looked for explanations for it.

Other significant characters who might appear in the new season include Kwak Dong Yeon as Kwak Yong Joo, Nam Da reum as Han Do Kyung, Kim Ji Young as Han Seok hee, Park Ho san as Kwon Jong-soo, and Park So Yi as Ha Yeong. Nothing is confirmed at the moment, though.

Monstrous Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 2 of Monstrous yet. But you can watch the same for season one on the TvN official YouTube channel. The trailer shows the perfect dark theme of the show and the attractive sides of our favorite characters.

Where to Watch Monstrous Season 2 Online?

The show is available to stream on the TVING streaming platform, a branch of TvN, South Korean Television Cable, and MyDramaList. If season 2 comes out, it will be available on the same platform.

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