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Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date: Will CBBC Renew The Show?

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date
Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date

Millie Inbetween is a British sitcom drama series. Young children were the intended audience when Elaine Sperber, Gary Parker, Matthew Leys, and Will Ing created the program. The Millie Show was the name of the program when it was first announced back in 2014. Later, the name was changed to Millie Inbetween, which is what we now call it. So, know here in this article, Millie Inbetween Season 5 release date, and spoilers.

The protagonists of the drama series Millie Inbetween are 13-year-old Millie McDonald and Lauren, Millie’s older sister. Millie and Lauren are now faced with the possibility of becoming a part of a blended family as a result of their parents’ recent divorce when both of their parents find new partners who are also parents of their own children. This coming-of-age drama challenges what is considered appropriate for children’s television with its realistic depiction of modern family life and the difficulties that families may encounter. The series’ lighthearted plots, which frequently provide good laughs and gentle life lessons, will appeal to younger viewers, but it really shines when it subtly depicts the characters’ emotional struggles, which are all too relatable.

Here is everything we currently know about the popular sitcom’s fifth season.

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date
Millie Inbetween Season 5

Since Millie Inbetween’s final season was broadcast on CBBC four years ago, viewers have been asking when Millie Inbetween Season 5 will be available. Fans were disappointed to learn that CBBC had not yet formally ordered the fifth season of Millie Inbetween. There is no information on when Millie Inbetween season 5 will be released. However, this does not imply that the show has been terminated. The next season of the show has not yet been revealed or scheduled, so it may be on hiatus.

It made its television debut on October 1, 2014, and its final episode aired on December 12, 2018. Up until now, there have been four seasons. The series currently has an IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10.

Name of the ShowMillie Inbetween
Season NumberSeason 5
Millie Inbetween Season 1 Release Date1 October 2014
Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Millie Inbetween Season 5 Overview

Millie Inbetween Season 1 Recap

Since their parents recently got divorced, Millie and her sister Lauren are splitting their time between their mother’s house and their father’s apartment. The fact that Millie has two opportunities to celebrate Christmas, two birthdays, and two bedrooms makes her quickly realize the benefits of this family structure. The drawbacks, however, are more difficult to accept as her parents begin new relationships. The new partners of the parents’ parents are also parents, and they all want to move in. 

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Throughout the remaining episodes, Millie and her sister, Lauren, deal with a variety of challenges and circumstances as they adjust to living with their parents, new partners, and kids. In addition to these, new characters are occasionally introduced, which adds to the show’s appeal and heightens the humor. 

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Story

Regarding the show’s creator’s choice of narrative for season 5, there is no definitive information available. However, we are confident that Millie will keep making us laugh throughout and that the humor and jokes will continue.

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Cast

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Release Date
Millie Inbetween Season 5

It is not certain who and all will be in the cast of season 5 of Millie Inbetween, but we can confirm that some of the old cast will return.

Millie McDonald, portrayed by Millie Innes

Millie is the daughter of Tony and Sharon and the protagonist of the story, upon whom the story is based. 

Lauren, portrayed by Tallulah Greive

Millie’s biological sister is Lauren. Throughout the early seasons of the show, she became known for her short fuse, love of makeup, and desire for her parents to reconcile.

Sharon Taylor, portrayed by Hannah Jane Fox

Sharon is the wife of Mike, the mother of Lauren and Millie, and the stepmother of Craig.

Tony McDonald, portrayed by Richard Lumsden

Amber’s boyfriend and the stepfather of Fran and Jake, Leaf “Tony McDonald, is the father of Lauren, Millie, and Hector as well as Amber’s boyfriend.

People who have complicated relationships with the main cast may make up the other characters are – Theo Stevenson plays Craig, Mya-Lecia Naylor plays Fran, Marley Lockhart plays Jake, and Richard Wisker plays Declan. Jeremy Edwards plays Mike. Jaye Jacobs plays Amber.

Millie Inbetween Season 5 Trailer

Nothing is known about the new season of Millie Inbetween, which includes its trailer. 

Where to Watch Millie Inbetween Season 5 Online?

The series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video in selected regions.

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