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Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 5 Release Date

Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 5 Release Date
Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 5 Release Date
Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Doberman is a legal military South Korean drama that premiered on February 28, 2022. The television series is developed by Studio Dragon and Logos film under the supervision of Lee Myung-jin and Lee Yu-bin. Military Prosecutor Doberman television series is also known by the name “Gungeomsa Dobereuman”. The original version of the military-based legal drama is released in the Korean language. In addition, the Korean drama is written by Yoon Hyun-mo under the direction of Jin Chang-gyu. The series is shot in 1080i HDTV format and rendered in Dolby Digital audio format.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Season 1 Story

The story of Military Prosecutor Doberman pivots around the life of Do Bae-Man and Cha Woo-In. In their daily working environment, several factors stay barrier against their work. The series talks about the views of the duo and depicts the real-life problems that occur within the working conditions. Do Bae-Man takes up the job of a military prosecutor. Nevertheless, he wanted to get famous with a great amount of money. His priority was to get recognized and lead a life of prosperity. Consequently, all the work he was doing seemed life money-oriented. Considerably he lost interest in his works and decides to get a voluntary termination. It was then he came to meet Cho Woo-In who was undergoing training to become a prosecutor. 

Unlike Do Bae-Man, Cho-Woo-In was determined and competitive. She was regarded as extremely skillful and considered an asset to the department. However, there rose a situation for the two to work together. There was some special synchronization between the duos which helped them solve several mysteries. Slowly, Do Bae-Man began to recognize his true potential which changed his perceptions. Apart from continuing his previous lifestyle, Do Bae-Man decided to become a responsible military prosecutor.               

Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 5 Release Date

Military Prosecutor Doberman
Military Prosecutor Doberman

The fifth episode of Military Prosecutor Doberman season one is scheduled for its release on March 14, 2022. Military prosecutor Doberman was premiered on February 28, 2022. The production team of the television series had already announced 16 episodes for the first season. However, a single episode is aired to date. While the previous episode was telecasted on March 14, 2022, the next one is expected to come out by March 1, 2022. In addition, the last episode of the first season is expected to reach an end by April 19, 2022. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 1 Release Date28 February 2022
Military Prosecutor Doberman Episode 5 Release Date14 March 2022

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Military Prosecutor Doberman Previous Episode Recap

Do Bae-Man is introduced as a man working for the sake of money alone. He was continuously working for his reputation. On the other hand, Cha Woo-In who joined as a military prosecutor for seeking revenge was passionate about her work. In addition, the first episode depicts their way of living and the motives behind taking the post of the military prosecutor.  

Military Prosecutor Doberman Cast

Military Prosecutor Doberman
Military Prosecutor Doberman

Ahn Bo-Hyun: Do Bae-Man

Do Bae-Man is played by the South Korean actor Ahn Bo-Hyun in the series Military Prosecutor Doberman. The 34-year-old Korean actor was debuted in the year 2014 through a television series titled “Golden Cross”. However, he had acted in 15 television series to date. Ahn Bo-Hyun was introduced into the Korean film industry in the year 2016 through the movie “Hiya”. Moreover, he had acted in 3 movies in which “2 O’clock” was his recent work. In addition, Ahn Bo-Hyun was awarded the best new actor award in 2020 for the series “Kairos”.

Jo Bo-Ah: Cha Woo-In

Cha Woo-In in the television series Military Prosecutor Doberman is played by the South Korean actress Jo Bo-Ah. The 31-year-old Korean actress was debuted through the series “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” which was released in 2012. However, Jo Bo-Ah had completed 13 television series until now. “Innocent Things” released in 2014 was her first featured movie followed by “Let Us Meet, Joo Oh” in 2017. In addition, Jo Bo-Ah was awarded the Netizen award as well as the Best couple award in the 2020 KBS drama award ceremony. She was also awarded the best new actress award and popular actress award in 2016 and 2015 respectively. 

Oh Yeon-Su: No Hwa-Young

No Hwa-Young in the television series Military Prosecutor Doberman is played by the South Korean actress Oh Yeon-Su. The 41-year-old Korean actress was introduced into the film industry in 1992 through the movie “Women Upstairs, Men Downstairs”. Moreover, she had acted in 7 movies to date. In addition, “Son and Daughter” was her first television series which was released in 1992 and contributed to 15 series.

Where To Watch Military Prosecutor Doberman?

Military Prosecutor Doberman is currently telecasted on the tvN network. It can be viewed every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 PM JST. The military legal drama is distributed by the tvN network around Korea. Moreover, it is available online on Viu and Viki Global TV on a subscription basis. However, every episode of Military Prosecutor Doberman comes out with a duration of approximately 60 minutes.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Trailer

The official trailer of Military Prosecutor Doberman was released on February 24, 2022. The trailer introduces the plot and the characters of the series. However, it gives a sneak peek idea about Do Bae-Man and Cha Woo-In. 

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