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Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

Do you like rom-coms with a pinch of fantasy? Or maybe, let us frame the question like this, do you love cats and would like it if they turned into humans? Complicated enough? Well, if you have yes as your answer to either of these questions, I guess you should give “Meow, The Secret Boy” a shot if you already have not.

Directed by Ji Byung Hyun, “Meow, The Secret Boy” is a 2020 Korean drama comprising 12 episodes with a very interesting and unique plot. It has been adapted from a web-based comic series written by Go A Ra.

The story revolves around a graphic designer who is in her mid-twenties and not very fond of cats. You can say her relationship with cats was ‘complicated’. A term widely used nowadays to describe any relationship that is not quite understood or pertains to the conventions that are known.

Where lies the plot twist then? Things take a turn when we discover that the amicable feline which our female protagonist brought home can take a human form. Does the surprise end here? No. The story evolves when our ‘human cat’ starts to develop feelings for our female protagonist.

Meow, The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

Before talking about the release date of season 2, let us rewind a bit. It was a teary moment for all of us when Hong Jo turned into a cat after both of them promised to wait for each other. After the time leap of two years, it was a relief for all of us when Hong Jo once again turned into his human form and was welcomed by Sol-Ah.

Will this series have a second season? As of now, there is no official confirmation about the show’s second run. Nevertheless, according to some sources, the show has been unofficially confirmed for its return. It is speculated that the shoot for the show is already in process, but unless there is an official announcement, we cannot quite really on such sources.

Name of the ShowMeow The Secret Boy
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomance, Comedy
Meow The Secret Boy Season 1 Release Date25 March 2020
Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Overview

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Meow, The Secret Boy Season 2 Story

The original web series is an adaptation of the Korean webtoon named ‘Welcome.’ As far as the story goes, if the creators decide to drop a second season, it would be an extension of the first story itself. If we look at the ending of the first season, although we have been provided with a happy ending of Sol-Ah and Hong Jo reuniting, questions still linger inside our brains. What will happen next? Last time Hong Jo was not very sure about transforming into his human form, will the same happen this time too? How much more time does Hong Jo have? Will be possible for Hong Jo to stay as a human for the rest of his life? Such questions will hopefully be answered if we have season 2 of “Meow, The Secret Boy.”

Meow, The Secret Boy Season 2 Cast

If we are fortunate enough to get a second run of the series, the cast of the show is likely to remain the same. As stated earlier, since the storyline would be an extension of the first season, we can expect the same actors to play the same roles. We can expect Kim Myung Soo (known as L) as Hong Jo and Shin Ye-Eun as Kim Sol-Ah as our leads. Possibly there will be no changes in the other cast members as well. Hence, it would not be very wrong of us to expect the same members if the creators decide on dropping season two of “Meow, The secret Boy.”

Meow, The Secret Boy Season 2 Trailer

As far as the trailer goes, there is no trailer for season 2. No official statement has been made regarding the show’s return for a second season. As a result, season 2 has no trailer. Although there are rumors that speculate the actors have already started their shooting, and that we will get a trailer more or less soon, unless we get an official statement nothing can be confirmed.

Where to Watch Meow, The Secret Boy Season 2 Online?

Probably we can watch season two, if released, on Rakuten Viki. For now, if you have not yet watched the series, you can most definitely watch the first season of the season on Rakuten Viki in Korean with subtitles. For people residing in India, there is good news. You can watch the first season of “Meow, The Secret Boy” on MX Player in the Hindi dubbed version as well.

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