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When To Expect May It Please The Court Season 2 Release Date?

May It Please The Court Season 2 Release Date

South Korean Dramas are in so much trend right now, come on we all know we have been a part of that hype. And the best part is it is worth it. May It Please the Court is one such South Korean streaming television show, which is all about mystery and drama. Who does not love drama? This series which is directed by the esteemed  Kang Min-goo released its first season in September, the year 2022. This show’s main characters are embodied by Lee Kyu-Hyung, Jung Ryeo-won, Kim Hye-Eun,  and Jung Jin-young. 

This whole tv series is established on the famous book “Byeonloneul Shijakhagekseubmida”, written by Jung Hye-Jin which was first published on 6th December, the year 2019.  This tv show as mentioned prior is an adaptation of the famous book which is in English titled “Let Me Start the Argument”.

What makes this book special which in turn makes the show special is that the author himself was a lawyer, thereby showcasing the real-life scenarios of law and having first-hand experience. Season 1, which has been released over a year ago got amazing feedback from the audience, who are eagerly awaiting the second installment.

May It Please The Court Season 2 Release Date

May It Please The Court is the recent legal drama and mystery genre-based show which is airing solely on the Disney+ streaming platform, with a nice cast of fictional characters and a few pretty fascinating cases too. Since it has been more than a year since this show its first episode, the viewers who really loved this show might be wondering if we are going to see another season of May It Please The Court. Well, you are in the right place and we have answers for you. Here is what we understand regarding the renewal or cancellation of the show:

When the production of May It Please The Court was ongoing, there was not much discussion of it having another season. Much like the shows these days, especially South Korean dramas, May It Please The Court was also written with keeping it for just a season probably. Disney+ streaming platform did not renew it for one more season.

Now, this show has garnered a good fan following with an IMDb rating of 8.4/10 which is a quite good rating. This leaves us a question, will this good response pave the path to the next one? This show in particular has the potential for another season. Nevertheless, as the network has not announced anything regarding the season, thereby probably it is not going to be renewed. 

Name of the ShowMay It Please The Court
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreLegal Drama
May It Please The Court Season 1 Release Date21 September 2022
May It Please The Court Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
May It Please The Court Season 2 Overview

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May It Please The Court Season 2 Story

The plot of May It Please The Court surrounds Noh Chak-Hee, who is a competent but merciless corporate lawyer, and also just like in a few drama shows is the embraced “granddaughter” of the creator of Seoul’s most esteemed law firm. Just about the time, she was up for a promotion, she was first arrested for manipulation of a woman which led to her attempting suicide and then being suspended from her firm.

Now taking the post of a public defender, she is in an office along with Jwa Si-Baek, an excellent lawyer who wants to work for people. He is quite mysterious and there comes a serial murder case, the main plot. Watch season 1 to know more about it and you will love the mystery!

May It Please The Court Season 2 Cast

May It Please The Court Season 2 Release Date

Jung Ryeo-won embodies the character of Noh Chak-hee, along with Lee Kyu-Hyung portrays the character of  Jwa Si-baek. Also, we have Jung Jin-young portraying the character of  Jang Ki-do and Kim Hye-Eun portraying the character of  Oh Ha-ranan.  In the case of season 2, we could expect some assembly of characters with new ones.

May It Please The Court Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 has no announcement yet, thereby we do not have the trailer. One can check out the season 1 trailer on youtube.

Where to Watch May It Please The Court Season 2 Online?

Season 1 was broadcasted on every Disney Streaming amenity in 2022, comprising Hulu in the USA as well as Star provided by Disney+ in a few regions. 

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