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Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Updates!

Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date
Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date
Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date

Luminous Witches otherwise known as Idol Witches and Renmei kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongakutai is an original Japanese anime series that is based on the genres Ecchi, Science Fiction, Idols and Music. The show is directed and written by Shouji Saeki and Takashi Tachisaki is the producer of the animated series. The show premiered on July 3, 2022, and is a running show that is expected to conclude by September 25, 2022. It has a total of twelve episodes with a minimum running time of twenty-four minutes.

Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date

Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date
Luminous Witches

Shoji Saeki and Kana Shundo are in charge of the film’s direction, and Shaft produced the animation for Luminous Witches. The LNAF Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches are the main characters of the Luminous Witches story. Rather than directly combating the “o,” these witches utilise music and song to encourage people’s hearts and minds and to defend their smiles.

As of now, we don’t have any official announcement regarding the release of Luminous witches’ season 2.

Name of the ShowLuminous Witches
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAnimation, Music
Luminous Witches Season 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Luminous Witches Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Luminous Witches Season 2 Overview

Luminous Witches Season 2 Story

Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-Tai Luminous Witches also referred to as Idol Witches, the Music Squadron is a group of witches. Due to the retirement of key voice actors due to their health reasons, the anime was originally scheduled to premiere in 2021 but was delayed to 2022.

These women are part of a special aviation club that helps those who have battled Neuroi and those who have been driven from their hometowns all over the world find comfort and healing. These females defend everyone’s smiles with “songs and music,” in complete contrast to the witches of the Joint Fighter Wings who fight to protect everyone. It is they who are in the Allied Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches.

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Luminous Witches Season 2 Characters

Luminous Witches Season 2 Release Date
Luminous Witches

Eleonore Giovanna Gassion is a Gallia-born witch who belongs to the Music Squadron, and Tsuzuki Sayaka is the character’s Japanese voice actor. She goes by the name Elly. Because of her too direct words and behaviour, she is frequently perceived as being unusual, but that doesn’t bother her in the least. She is the kind of person who can’t leave people alone when they are in distress. She and Aira are close friends. Cats respond to her voice. She serves as the second vocalist and vocal sub-leader for the group.

The Japanese voice of Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova was provided by Aimoto Ami. Lyudmila Ruslanova is an Orussian witch who belongs to the Music Squadron and is associated with the Orussian Imperial Army. She goes by the name Milasha. A young woman who has enormous highs and lows in her level of energy but is constantly at the mercy of her environment. Although she doesn’t intend to hurt anyone, her contagious enthusiasm and sympathetic nature make everyone around her wonder why she is often upset. The antagonist’s clumsy adversary in terms of style. She adds poetry covertly to her flight log.

Virginia Robertson’s Japanese voice is provided by Narumi Mai. A witch from Britannia, Virginia Robertson is a member of the Music Squadron. She is the lead character of Luminous Witches. She goes by the name Ginny. She is a young woman from the rural countryside of Britain, and she arrived in London with a specific objective in mind. She has an odd familiarity with her. She is a young lady who has a certain air of mystique. Despite being somewhat naive, she adores every member of the band. Shibuya Inori assumes the role of her chubby best friend. She competes against Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova, whose sense of style is a little boring.

Shibuya Inori’s Japanese voice was provided by Hosokawa Minako. Shibuya is a member of the Music Squadron and is associated with the Fuso Imperial Army. She is from Fuso. She goes by the name Inorin. She normally maintains her composure and steps aside from the situation, but on rare occasions, she reveals a side of herself that won’t back down once she makes a decision. She assumes the role of the protagonist’s broad-shouldered best buddy.

The Japanese voice of the character Aira Paivikki Linnamaa was provided by Mamiya Ryo. Yuuki Misaki provided the Japanese voice for the character Manaia Matawhaura Hato. Other voice actors include Kotosaka Miu/Rino Yoshikita as Silvie Cariello and Tachibana Ky/Rio Mamesaki as Joanna Elizabeth and Mikako Komatsu gave the voice for Grace Maitland Steward.

Luminous Witches Season 2 Trailer

You can find the link to the trailer of Luminous Witches on top of this article.

Where To Watch Luminous Witches Season 2 Online?

A spin-off of the well-liked Strike Witches series is the upcoming TV anime Luminous Witches. The Japanese networks AT-X, TOKYO MX, TV Aichi, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS NTV all air Luminous Witches. Additionally, across many parts of the world, on HIDIVE and Anime News Network.

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