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Lolirock Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Lolirock Season 3 Release Date
Lolirock Season 3 Release Date

Lolirock, produced by Marathon Media and Zodiak Kids, is an animated television series that is voiced in French. Both The Walk Disney Company France branch and France Televisions also took part in its production.

Madellaine Paxson and Jean Louis-Vandestoc are their writers and creator respectively. It first aired on 18, October 2014 in France on France 3 and later started to air in Europe. The series could also be streamed on Netflix. The series although canceled has been streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as of 2021, however, there has been no announcement regarding a new season.

Lolirock Season 3 Release Date

The season of the series ended with a rather weird cliff-hanger ending and despite its immense popularity, the production crew shows no sign of making a new season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Lolirock Season 1 Release Date 18 October 2014
Lolirock Season 2 Release Date 5 January 2017
Lolirock Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Lolirock Season 3 Release Date

Lolirock Season 2 Recap

Lolirock Season 3 Release Date

In the second season of Lolirock the three girls along with Carissa and Lyna, two girls from Ephedia form a group with Talia’s elder sister as the leader called The Resistance. Although they can also transform, their transformation is of magical warrior princesses and not of the rock band. The girls while helping others also continue their original objective of collecting the Oracle Gems, but Garmorr along with Twins becomes far stronger and a much larger threat. Iris, after collecting all the Oracle Gems is forced to face the truth of having to say goodbye to Nathaniel, her friend and crush, and all the people she cared about on Earth. She returns to Ephedia, her home planet reuniting with her parents who are the king and queen of the kingdom. However, Lord Gramorr takes the last gem for himself unleashing chaos and wrath on Ephedia. The girls work together to defeat him. In the struggle between Iris and Lord Grammor, to protect Praxina, Mephisto sacrifices himself.  Furious Paxina wears the sinister mask to enact her revenge on the girls by launching an attack on Earth.

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Lolirock Cast

Lolirock Season 3 Release Date


English voice was given by Kazumi Evans and French voice was given by Lisa Caruso.

Iris is a 15-year-old girl who appears as a blonde wavy-haired girl with fair skin, pink lips, freckles, and pair of light blue eyes. She is the leader of the LoliRock. Iris lives in Sunny Bay and has a very friendly and kind personality. Her singing power has the power to captive people towards her which in turn makes Gramorr want her power. Iris has a crush on Nathaniel who is her childhood best friend. She finds out, after meeting Talia and Auriana, that she is the crown princess of a magical kingdom called Ephedia and her job as the princess is to reclaim the throne and find all the Oracle gems of the royal crown. Her transformed form has rose pink hair and her clothes also turn pink. She represents two motifs a heart and a four-pointed star unlike the other two because she is a part of the royal family. Her transformation item is a pendant.


English voice was given by Ashleigh Ball and the French voice was given by Kelly Marot.

Talia is one of the members of LoliRock and she plays the Key star and once and a while a guitar while also singing. Her appearance is that of a girl with dark brown hair with bangs, dark skin, and a pair of amber eyes. Talia has a serious and intelligent personality. She is the second princess of Xeris and along with Auriana goes in search of the crown princess of Ephedia after escaping from Auriana. Her transformed form has light blue hair, and her clothes also turn light blue. Her Motif is a Diamond while her symbol is a diamond.


English voice given by Tabitha St. Germain and French voice given by Léopoldine Serre

Auriana is a member of Lolirock and plays the tambourine while singing. She has auburn hair which is tied into a pony with tan skin and a pair of green eyes. Her personality is playful, fun and a bit crazy but overall, a great friend. She is the princess of the Volta Kingdom. Her transformed form has orange hair and orange clothes. Her motif is a crescent moon along with her transformation item being a ring.

Where to Watch Lolirock Season 3?

Lolirock can be streamed on Netflix.

Lolirock Season 1 Trailer

Lolirock Trailer was released on February 10, 2017, on the official Lolirock YouTube channel.

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