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Levius Season 2 Release Date And Characters Predictions!

Levius Season 2 Release Date
Levius Season 2 Release Date

A Netflix-licensed anime series Levius first premiered on 28 November 2019, the show released 12 episodes on the same day and wrapped up the first season of the show. The main character of the show is Levius Cromwell, Levius is a young boxer who is trained by his uncle Zack in ‘metal boxing’. The story of season one was based on fictional events and wars in the early years of the ninetieth century. A martial arts and dystopian genre anime series is an animated adaptation of manga series written by Haruhisa Nakata.

The original animated series of Levius was directed by Hiroyuki Seshitaand Keisuke Ide. After its premiere on Netflix, the anime series was two years later broadcasted again in Japan through Tokyo MX’s channel, Levius’ first season quickly gathered a huge distinct fanbase with its second premiere. Fans have continuously demanded creators launch another series of the show, but Netflix has decided to stay silent about the future of the show for now. We might get to hear more about the future of the show by the end of the year. To Know more about Levius season 2, keep scrolling.

Levius Season 2 Release Date

Levius Season 2 Release Date
Levius season 1

Unfortunately, even after performing well on the international market, the anime series is still not renewed for another season. Earlier reports suggested that the announcement could come in the later months of 2022, we will have to wait for Netflix to officially confirm the renewal or cancellation of the show. The anime series procured 7 out of 10 on IMDB’s official site and 7.2 out of 10 on MyAnimeList’s official website. After the release of the animated adaptation in 2019, the reports confirmed that Netflix was unhappy with the viewer’s tally despite the good ratings and reviews by the fans.

Netflix always considers commercial prospects before evaluating the future of the show. Levius’ second season might have been put on hold before any solid decision comes before. The manga series ended with its final tenth volume in 2021’s spring, there is still a lot to be added to the anime part of Levius from the manga but we will have to wait for Netflix to come up with the decision on anime’s future.

Name of the ShowLevius
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMartial Arts
Levius Season 1 Release Date28 November 2019
Levius Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Levius Season 2 Overview

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Levius season 2 story

Since season two is not yet officially announced by the creators, we cannot certainly confirm what will be the storyline of Levius season 2. What we can anticipate is that if the show is to be continued with another season, then the story of the show will be continued with the rest of the manga series plot that was left uncovered in 2019’s season one launch. We will see the main protagonists Levius and Zack Cromwell return with their iconic duo.

Levius season 2 characters

Levius Season 2 Release Date
Levius season 1: 2019

Season two of Levius has neither been announced nor renewed yet by the creators, so we cannot confirm who will be the characters of Levius season 2. Here are the characters who appeared in season one of the show: Levius Cromwell, Zack Cromwell, Natalia Garnet, Bill Weinberg, Dr. Rudolph Clown, AJ Langdon, Malcolm Eden, and Hugo Stratus.

All the stories of the characters are followed by the manga series Levius which was written by Haruhisa Nakata. Season one of the show only covered 3 volumes of the original manga series. We can expect more characters to be introduced from the rest of the 7 volumes of the published manga.

Levius season 1 recap

The story of the show is set around a dystopian genre fictional world from the ninetieth century. The art of fighting is the only way for the boxers to move away from the war-damaged world they have been living in. Levius among all those fighters is the most resilient and dedicated, he is trained by his uncle Zack and Natalia. A.J. Langdon comes up to be the major opponent of Levius, she also later attacks him causing a steam explosion. Because of the attack, Levius faced from A.J he was forced to be medically treated by doctors.

Levius season 2 trailer

There is no trailer or teaser for Levius season 2 as the show is still to be renewed. You can still watch the trailer of the previous season from a YouTube attachment provided on top of this article.

Where to watch Levius season 2 Online?

If the show is renewed, the second season can be expected to stream on Netflix. Currently, all 12 episodes of Levius season 1 are available on Netflix.

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