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La Linea Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

La Linea Season 2 Release Date
La Linea Season 2 Release Date

La Linea: Shadow of Narco, produced by Netflix, is a Spanish documentary series on the stories from La Linea, a city in the south of Spain, which is centered right between Morocco and Gibraltar making it the hub for drug, tobacco, and migrant trafficking. The series aired on Netflix on 9 September 2020.

The series is a four-part documentary centered around La Linea and digs deep into its issues, both social and political while following officers who are trying their best to reverse this almost impossible situation.

La Linea Season 2 Release Date

The first season of La Linea:  Shadow of Narco had very average or mediocre reviews. The series as stated in reviews fails to impress despite having 4 half-hour-long episodes. The show was not fresh or new and the large variety of shows on Netflix, made the series feel repetitive. Taking this into consideration it is unlikely that a season will be released unless there is a spike in viewer numbers and overall popularity.

SeasonsRelease Dates
La Linea Season 1 Release Date9 September 2020
La Linea Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
La Linea Season 2 Release Date

La Linea Recap

La Linea Season 2 Release Date
La Linea

Hoping to capture drug traffickers who are trying to cross the sea passage to the Spanish coast, local cops have set up civil guard patrols, helicopters, boats, planes, and cars in La Linea. The policemen are shown as they sit down for an interview wearing bulletproof vests seeming very heroic and driven by justice. People are set up to photograph getaways, gunfire, arrests, and capture chases. Juan Franco, the mayor of La Linea, walks down the street, he is without a bodyguard however comments that unless it is a certain place within La Linea then there was no need for them. The areas he refers to are easy-going towards the local Castana drug cartel, who if tallied can easily outnumber cops, leaving the areas in their control or hands.

The mayor gives a rundown of the situation of La Linea, not only is it 30 kilometers from Morocco, but the technology is also bad, the police have almost no power, many citizens lack basic education and there is no national government support, giving the Castana drug cartel all the leeway they need. Kids who play in the street can watch in full view as tobacco smuggling boats pass by. An interviewer is then called, talks with his voice modified about how he is a smuggler for hire because he has no means of living and the life of a mercenary paid the bills, although now he quotes that he stays for the adrenaline rush. Apparently, the cops were once lucky enough to catch a higher-up cartel and brought him in for treatment. However, the guy was broken out when 20 of his men armed with guns and knives, hijacked the hospital and knocked out two of the police on guard.

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Things finally take a small turn when one of the gang leaders appears in a music video and the police misinterpret this as a provocation, increasing the surveillance on his family to get a chance of catching him. However, it ends up being a wasted endeavor. The officers are still on their feet, however, because the drug activities have only increased, according to them as long as the trafficking has demand, supplies will also be there.

A former cartel member claims that the only reason why she joined them was that otherwise she would not have a chance at getting a job, coming from a background with no education or experience and she has two mouths to feed. This system has become a part of the daily lives of the people and it does not help that the government is barely lifting its hand.

The police’s hands are also tied due to the lack of resources, and it is almost impossible to do so without proper support. The mayor states that there isn’t much he can do if the people themselves are unwilling to change.

Franco comments saying it isn’t his intention to throw the blame on anyone however this could be inferred as him blaming the government for turning a blind eye to all that is happening in La Linea

Where to Watch La Linea Season 2?

La Linea Season 2 Release Date
La Linea

La Linea: Shadows of Narco can be streamed on Netflix with both English subtitles and English dubbing.

La Linea Season 1 Trailer

The trailer for La Linea was released in late 2020 on YouTube.

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