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Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release Date
Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release Date

The award-winning television series is part of a big project and is developed on a heavy canvas. Kyouki no Kanata had been created as an animated series even on its cinematic version. Kyoto Animation promoted the entire show due to its uniqueness and classy touch throughout. Using the same team in every format is yet another feature of the series. Even on the animated movie, they had worked with the same team and followed the same chemistry with the efforts. It was in July 2012, Kyouki no Kanata had been first introduced to the people. After three volumes, the imprinting of the light novel was called off finding the increase in popularity of its animated television series.

The series was released worldwide and featured in popular television networks. Later on, Kyoto Animation started seeing results in its commercial aspects and moved on to the production of animated movies. With a duration of eighty-two minutes and ninety minutes in its first and second parts. Kyouki no Kanata came to an end by 25 April 2015. Every version excluding the light novel was directed by Taichi Ishidate and written by Jukki Hanada. While the Japanese version is aired on Tokyo MX, TVA, and BS11, the English version is telecasted on Animax Asia in the parts of South East Asia.

Kyouki no Kanata Season 2 Release Date

kyouki no kanata
kyouki no kanata

Also known as the “Beyond the Boundary”, Kyouki no Kanata is a Japanese animated series. The series concluded after the release of twelve episodes and declare to be completed. Gou Tanaka who is one of the producers mentioned that they are looking for a good opening for the second part, however; the prime focus is on their film projects. As of now, it is understood that there might not be another season of Kyouki no Kanata. Moreover, the series received decent returns from their movies and is regarded as one of the successful shows in the independent category.

However, the series will be back after a seven-year gap if Kyoto Animation studios renew the series for the long run. It is also important to come up with broadcasting partners. It is also considered to be yet another dilemma. Various networks are willing to accept the series but the time slot remains a bigger issue. If everything goes well, the second season of Kyouki no Kanata can be expected in the upcoming year or by the middle of 2024. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Kyoukai no Kanata Season 1 Release Date2 October 2013
Kyoukai no Kanata Season 1 End Date18 December 2013
Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release Date

Kyouki no Kanata Season 2 Story

The supernatural dark fantasy series deals with the romantic relationship between the half-human Mirai Kuriyama and Akihito Kanbara. Both of them are school students and get into an unusual relationship. Akihito is a child of the evil spirit and a human giving the good qualities of humans and the negative aspects of the yomu. He was able to see other evil creatures by being a yomu and was on a goal to kill the yomu. Mirai helps her to attain her goal and their interactions result in emotional and physical bondage.

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Moreover, the season ended with a lot of emotions circling the duos. Akihito disappeared along with the mirror world and share some moments by the time. The future seasons will feature Akihito back and the duos reuniting stronger than ever. In the absence of Akihito, there could be serious changes in the living environment of Mirai. As Mirai now has some power of yomu within himself, there are chances for some dramatic twists and turns in the series.

Kyouki no Kanata Season 2 Characters

Kyoukai no Kanata Season 2 Release Date
kyouki no kanata

Akihito Kanbara: Kenn

He is half-yomu whom Mirai was authorized to kill but he was attracted to her causing no harm in return when she tried to kill her. Akihito had superpowers to heal and influence other human beings. Therefore, being authorized to kill yomu, he was backstabbed by Mirai. Later Akihito helped Mirai to be more focused when dealing with other yomus.

Mirai Kuriyama: Risa Taneda

Mirai was a spirit warrior was whose sole mission was to kill the yomus and thereby protect the human race. She had suicidal tendencies when detected with anemia and was saved by Akihito. However, after identifying the was a yomu she stabbed him from behind.

Kyouki no Kanata Season 2 Trailer  

The official trailer of Kyouki no Kanata will be revealed only after the series is renewed for another season.

Where to Watch Kyouki no Kanata Season 2?

Previously released on the Tokyo MX network, the collaborators for the upcoming season are yet to be decided. 

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