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Kaijin Kaihatsu bu no Kuroitsu San Episode 11 Release Date

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Episode 11 Release Date
Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Episode 11 Release Date
Kaijin Kaihatsu bu no Kuroitsu San

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Episode 11 Release Date: Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu-San is a Japanese comedy manga series that started its screening as a television animation series on January 9, 2022. It was developed by Quard studio under the direction of Hisashi Saito. It was first published as a comic on the Comic Meteor website on April 17, 2019, which was serialized on the same website on October 7, 2020.  Felix Comix announced its adaptation as an anime, which was later declared to be published soon into a television series.

Kuroitsu works as a research assistant in the Monster Development of evil organization which is in a location called Agastia. She works along with the organization to fight evil thanks to heroes dedicated to saving the world. The story revolves around Kuroitsu who always struggle to work all day to meet the demand of her boss and seniors. She leads such a busy life in working continuously, taking overtime in proposing new ideas and modifying features of humans to convert them as being with superpowers to make them capable to fight evil when the time arises.

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Episode 11 Release Date

The 11th episode of Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu is said to be released on March 20, 2022. As the audience has shown keen interest and attracted numerous people, the show is expected to increase the number of countries it is screening. Over the top platforms such as Crunchyroll are currently licensed to stream it online. ABC and TV Asahi have the original networking rights for the show due to its large success. The 11th episode of the show is said to reach the television screen at 10:30 Am JST and 7:00 Am IST. The show was initially scheduled for 10 episodes but later decided to extend based on the popularity it received. 

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Recap

 Kaijin Kaihatsubu No Kuroitsu San
Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San

Megistus said to be the backbone of Akashic is explaining the rival societies and discusses various plans for the planet’s domination. Touka Kuroitsu, the assistant researcher to Hajime Sadamaki is asked to design an outfit used to fight the evil which must also be frightening to see for the opponents. She was extremely busy with all the work and couldn’t complete the work on time. Megistus who was feared by everyone gave her deadlines but what she could do was come up with some last-minute plan which however found interesting but lacked proper explanation.

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Megistus noticed how busy she was and gave her relaxation all the time and kept her comfortable. It was then Wolf Bete who was undergoing an experiment to regain strength was forcefully converted to female due to the childish attitude of the head of the organization Akashic. The story continues in a humorous attire, even though the storyline remains with a mixed feeling.

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Characters

 Kaijin Kaihatsubu No Kuroitsu San
Kaijin Kaihatsubu No Kuroitsu San

Touka Kuroitsu

Touka Kuroitsu is the main character in the series. She is so busy and works so hard to meet the deadline, but often fails to meet the demand. She is so talented and everyone knows it and values her for that the organization allows her to stay despite being unable to meet the deadline.


Megistus is considered as, the back born of Akashic. He gives suggestions and therefore acts as an advisor. The important decisions must go through Megistus and convincing him is not easy. People have a great fear of him due to his dominating attitude but is just another fun-loving guy who gives some priority to the profession.

Wolf Bete

Wolf Bete is introduced as a dangerous and cold-hearted man who was undergoing some kind of transformation in his body to gain more strength. But as a consequence of the silly decision taken by Akashic he turns into a woman. Due to lack of fund allocation, they could revere the process but promises to make him a man once the money is allotted.


Akashic is the head of the organization to fight evil and dominate the planet. But her childish behaviors and actions give other people nightmares.

Hajime Sadamakl

Hajime Sadamakl is the scientist at the monster development organization. He is the one who has to coordinate the work with Megistus. As he even fears his presence, Sadamakl forces Kuroitsu to accompany by Megistus.

Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San Trailer

The official trainer of Kaijin Kaihatsu Bu No Kuroitsu San was released on December 18, 2021. The trailer focuses on giving importance to Hajime Sadamakl as well as Kuroitsu and the works they engage in and around the lab. Wolf Bete also appears in the trailer as the assistant of Kuroitsu.

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