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Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date: Are You Ready For It?

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date
Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date

Jie Mo Ren better known as The Devil Ring and also Xu Mo Ren, is a Chinese anime that aired in April 2016 by Tencent Animation and comics production. It is an action, fantasy, mystery, and supernatural genre that has a total of fourteen episodes with a duration of thirteen minutes each. Here’s what we know about Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date.

Around the time of its premiere, the anime rose to enormous fame among otakus all over the world. However, a sizable portion of the crowd also lambasted the show for its poor writing. Zhang Sanfeng wrote and illustrated a manhua (Chinese comic book) adaptation, which was published in 2019. There are currently more than 110 published chapters, and it is ongoing.

According to the plot summary, Freshman Zhou Xiaoan’s life is permanently altered when he puts on an enigmatic ring, causing a horrific devil to leap from his lips. A Blood Devil posing as King Zhou of Shang, a race of heart-eating zombies, a shady organization of Taoist Priests fighting against them, and enigmatic supernatural entities with blending abilities are among the shocking historical facts that are gradually exposed.

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date

Chinese animation company Tencent Animations is the creator of The Devil Ring. The short 13-minute episodes of the 14-episode series were broadcast between April and July 2016. It has been rated 6.10 out of 10 on MyAnimeList.

It’s typically extremely unusual for failing shows to make a second attempt. The anime might never have another shot if it can’t generate enough money. As a result, supporters of The Devil Ring Season 2 must continue signing petitions to ensure its release. Tencent may show renewed interest in the show if demand becomes unmanageable. Viewers currently have no other choice but to wait for the news.

The likelihood of The Devil Ring Season 2 returning is dwindling as each day goes by. Despite widespread interest, the show’s creators have not officially announced a renewal. That does not, however, guarantee that the show will be canceled. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the debut of Jie Mo Ren season two as there has been no official announcement regarding its renewal.

Name of the ShowJie Mo Ren
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Fantasy, Mystery
Jie Mo Ren Season 1 Release Date27 April 2016
Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Overview

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Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Story

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Release Date
Jie Mo Ren

Xhou Zhou’s “The Devil Ring,” an anime series, did not believe in mysticism. In addition, he makes assumptions about the human world that are never connected. Then fate took over, mocked it, and demonstrated the opposite. The environment is unsettling and alien, but here is a bronze ring. Only an illustration, suggests that the globe you swallow is represented by the ring on her finger. Not only will you see persons with overexposed eyes, but also everyone who follows them or moves over them. Zhou is a dubious character who stirs up lots of controversies.

The ring-he attempts, but with unusual caution. And the demon, whose mouth quickly breaks, carries terror and smell to the ground. Even the devil, or rather Emperor Shang Dynasty mushrooms themselves, believes that in order to govern the earth, he needs the devotion and servitude of all around him. In addition to feeding on humans, the Poznan Zhou race is a race whose hearts are treacherous. Monks who want to destroy the evil extra-terrestrial “Aliens” are Tao. And even knows supernatural entities who have expertly learned to blend in with humans, but only if you look closely at creatures that are like humans.

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Characters

The main characters of the show are Xiaoan Zhou, Xuanyan Jiang, Xiaodao, and Xue Moren. And there are a lot of supporting characters including Tatu and Luo Bai among many in the show.

Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Trailer

A ring from the Bronze Dimension that, when its “battery,” runs out, allows the owner to wield supernatural abilities and absorb other people’s talents. Xia Yu received it in order to grant him magical abilities, but after gaining control over his own abilities, he threw it out.

Unfortunately, there has not been a single release of Devil Ring or we can say Jie Mo Ren’s official trailer.

Where To Watch Jie Mo Ren Season 2 Online?

You can watch all of the episodes of the show Jie Mo Ren on Gogoanime and Anime-Planet.

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