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Is DIO A Good Movie Or A Bad One?

For all those who have heard about the movie DIO, you all are truly metal fans and are surely in love with the genre of music because this movie, which can be considered one of the greatest movies in the history of metal songs, hasn’t got its own Wikipedia page. This fact has been shocking to not only the fans but even to us. However, for those who are still not sure what this movie is all about, let us first clarify that this movie is about the band Dio, which many of us are very familiar with if you have been into metal music, however, this is about the lead vocalist of Dio, whose name is known by most of the Dio fans Ronnie James Dio, he was the founding member of the band and he has performed in many other bands too. This is actually a documentary-based movie and for this one we have received quite excellent reviews when it came to the critics, the ratings of the movie have also been great and the fan base for the movie is considerable, obviously because very few people know who the person is and what great and eminent figure he has been.

Now when it comes to the type of the movie, it isn’t just a random biography, with many characters playing the role on whom the movie is based, its basically a compilation of eminent life moments of Ronnie James Dio and how he has had his career, spread over such a vast period of time, how he has been associated with so many fans and many other things. There have been many queries regarding whether the movie is worth a watch and whether people will enjoy it and based on all reviews and all other sources we have brought an answer to all of your questions.

We do expect that there will be more information available regarding the movie on many eminent sites and we also expect that this movie gains the amount of appreciation, it truly deserves. The movie hasn’t been made in any theatres as we see in the case of most documentary-based movies. Many people weren’t waiting for this movie to release as such but if you are a metal fan and want to experience how the metal culture grew over the years, you surely need to check out this movie. It gives a detailed insight into the life of Ronnie James Dio, along with that we also see many other eminent members of the industry as he was always related to many big names and many big bands too.

The initiative of this documentary movie was being planned for quite a long time now and at last, it was taken and the movie became directed by two of the greatest names in the industry, one being Don Argot and Demian Feton. They were the main ones who took the initiative and researched everything about the great heavy metal star and how he led his life, which may be completely different from what anybody would expect any day. To know more about the movie, you will need to continue reading the article.

Is DIO: Dreamers Never Die Worth A Watch?

Is DIO A Good Movie Or A Bad One

Now as we have known this movie hasn’t achieved much of a name though the people who have been into the hard metal industry, do know what this movie is about and many have been waiting eagerly for its release of this movie. However, based on the critic’s review this movie will be surely worth a watch. This documentary film has received almost all positive remarks from the critics and other than that this movie has also received a 7.9 IMDb rating which is quite impressive, based on the fact that it has been only a documentary series, and there hasn’t been any typing of acting done by any actors. The actors starring in the movie are the actual actors and clips that have been taken from the past. The movie gives us a thorough insight into the life and the history of heavy metal and hard rock genres. We get an insight into his journey from one band to another and how his life was extremely not like any other hard metal vocalist of those times.

He was quite a man, who lived a normal life, with no late-night parties and cocaine addiction like the singers of those times and he was not related to any controversies too which have been a common thing when it came to singers of that time.  This movie is worth a watch because we get insight into many hidden facts from the life of Ronnie James Dio, which is not very commonly known by his fans or the heavy metal industry.

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DIO: Dreamers Never Die Release Date

Or beloved Ronnie James Dio passed away in the year 2010 and since then we have missed him very badly. His contribution through his works, in some of the band hits of Dio, Heaven And Hell, and Black Sabbath will be remembered forever. There have been many talks regarding his life, since his death and there have always been many rumours, thus the makers of the movie took the initiative to make a movie that will put proper light on the subjects that have been veiled in the eyes of [people for quite some time now and they made sure to clearly justify everything that has happened.

They followed a proper timeline and how the series of events took place in his life and collected clippings from whoever they could regarding Ronnie’s life and compiled them and edited them in such a way that we can truly say dreamers never die, they live on in our hearts. The movie took quite a long time to be made and the makers had to get all their facts checked. It was nearly more than 1 year required for the making and production purposes, however, the film finally made it to us or we can say only to a selected audience, who were present in this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) film festival which happened on the 17th of March 2022.

DIO: Dreamers Never Die Story

Is DIO A Good Movie Or A Bad One

The story that has been shown is not to be assumed of the band Dio, which is also another great figure in the world of heavy metal and hard rock and the best thing about this statement is, that this movie is based on Ronnie James Dio, who has been one of the founding members of the band Dio, which he started after leaving the black sabbath band and with a former band member decided to work on a new project. In this movie, we get an insight not only into their career of Ronnie but we also get to know how his childhood was, how he used to spend time when he was a child and we will be shocked to know that his introduction into the industry was not as a vocalist but as a trumpeter. He had been playing his trumpet for quite a long time and we also get to know about his personal life, which is rather disciplined and maybe a bit shocking to many.

Ronnie James Dio was a very family man we can say and he loved to live his life, like a normal person, he was never spotted in those midnight rave parties and all other stripper-related stuff that was common in those days when it came to the heavy metal and hard rock industry. He was more of a guy who preferred making music and staying home. The biggest thing that has been a very shocking fact about Ronnie James Dio is that he was never addicted to drugs and that’s a fact according to many sources. He had never been into cocaine or anything like that.

Other than all these things this movie shows his journey into heaven and hell, the last band he was a part of, and after taking off or retiring g from the industry, he was still related to it and how he spends the rest of his days, we do also see some scenes from before his death in 2010 and every moment, we will be made to miss such great a singer to live.

DIO: Dreamers Never Die Cast

So as we have already mentioned, this movie is documentary based and thus we don’t have any actors hired to play any role of Ronnie or any other characters. This movie isn’t like Bohemian Rhapsody or anything like that, this movie is a compilation of clippings from back in the ages, and gives us an insight into the times when Ronnie and his and sat down to make music and how the hard metal industry used to be in those times and that’s it. We don’t find any extra characters or artists playing any role in this movie.

Where Can We Watch DIO: Dreamers Never Die?

Is DIO A Good Movie Or A Bad One

This movie as we know, made its premiere on the 17th of March 2022, and that too at the south by the southwest film festival. Now the real problem is, that only a few have been able to watch the movie and for the audience all over the world, it still hasn’t been released on any streaming platform. We will have to wait till the fall of 2022 to get any more updates regarding this topic.

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