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Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date!

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date
Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date

Inside West Coast Customs is an American television series that premiered on February 20, 2011. The English reality show is inspired by the real-life happenings that occurred in the automobile modifiers named West Coast Customs. The series consist of eight seasons and had aired sixty-eight episodes during that time limit. Moreover, the series ran successfully for eight years in a ratio of a season every year. Ryan Friedlinghaus produced the series in a corporation with the Discovery production company. The show was shot in various parts of the United States including California, Corona, and Burbank.

Bullrun Productions were the official partners for productions and were highly successful with their venture. Supreme credit must be given to the director of the show Kara Stephens for the creative execution which could have ended up just like a simple documentary. Furthermore, Inside West Coast Customs comes with a large canvas with most of the actors being highly impactful in the sixty-minute episodes. Kristoffer May on the other hand gave a lively feeling to the visuals which were rendered in an HDTV 1080i video and Dolby Surround audio format. These were more effective while Netflix streamed the show online. Apart from Netflix, the series was aired on television via Discovery, Fox Sports 2, and Motor Trend. 

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date
Inside West Coast Customs

The last episode of Inside West Coast Customs was aired on April 10, 2018. Since then nothing official had been heard yet regarding the release of another episode. Now talking about the probability of another season, the chances must be considered below. This assumption is based on the consideration of the length of the series. Already eight seasons had been produced therefore giving slightly dimmer chances to extend the show. On the contrary, the reviews the series received over time are the biggest possibility for Netflix and Discovery to renew the show. The show was released through multiple online platforms for and year contract. This was extremely helpful for them to increase the rating thereby being commercially successful as well.

Therefore it could be considered from a positive as well as a negative perspective based on various reasons. Coming to reality, no one had renewed the series, and is set for healthy bidding for its telecasting rights. Most preferred will be Netflix as they currently stream the shoe. Even though that is the case, we can’t elude amazon prime video from the big names. Veterans neither strike-off Discovery into signing a long deal with the producers on the show. However, even if it’s coming, it is going to be late.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Inside West Coast Customs Season 1 Release Date20 February 2011
Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date

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Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Story

The series presents the famous West Coast Customs automobile workshop that does the modification works of vehicles. Ryan Friedlinghaus is the owner of the shop and is the creative worker in charge. The American company has a huge reputation and is said to work as per the demand and interests of their clients. Some celebrities get involved in the show and meet the workers to enjoy the works and their art of creativity.

In each episode, new cars are presented and the workers develop based on the requirements and interests of the people. The customers and the creator of the show himself go around understanding their needs. At the end of the day, the customers are satisfied as well as happy with the innovations provided. 

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Cast

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Release Date
Inside West Coast Customs

Ryan Friedlinghaus

Ryan is the founding member and the CEO of their company named West Coast Customs. The automobile company was built after his grandfather helped him out with finance. 

Shaquille Rashum O’Neal

The 50-year-old basketball player from the United States had appeared in the series as a guest. In addition, he had appeared in the Olympic games conducted in Atlanta for the United States.

Inside West Coast Customs Season 9 Trailer

Even though there are some sneak peek videos are available on YouTube, a complete trailer hasn’t been released. As the main importance was given to the television release, a trailer was not their thing. Therefore, in an upcoming season, an official trailer may not appear after all.

Where to Watch Inside West Coast Customs Season 9?

On a look at the history of Inside West Coast Customs, they tried out different platforms. At last, they ended up with Netflix but currently, the contract had expired, and have to determine new partners. 

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