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Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release date!

Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release Date
Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release Date

Inside Edition is the longest-running American news broadcasting magazine program since 1989 by CBS. It is not restricted to any one genre of news, it covers almost all genres ranging from daily news, entertainment, gossip, crime stories, lifestyle, scandals, and much more. Inside Edition has 34 seasons so on with the 34th season going on at present. 

The show has been hosted by Deborah Norville since 1995 and has never seen a change in its main host over 34 seasons so far. The host often invites various scholars, celebrities, experts to discuss various topics ranging from technology, environment, politics to entertainment as well. The show was created by the duo John Tomlin and Bob Young. It was one of the first shows of its time to cover news related to spicy gossips and sex scandals when such topics were seen as a taboo in the Western culture of news broadcasting. 

Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release Date

Episode 79 of Season 34 will be released on the 30th of December 2021. The fans are eagerly waiting for the new episodes to unravel a whole new range of sensation, gossip, and drama in the show that follows along in every episode. So far 78 episodes have been released of the new season and have gathered very good ratings from the viewers as expected. 

Till now the name of the episode has not been released nor do we have much information on what episode 79 will be about. The fans can wait for episode 78 to air on 29th December 2021 in order to extract further information about the next episode of Inside Out. 

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Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 78 Recap

Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release Date
Inside Edition Season 34

In this new season so far, a diverse range of topics have been covered throughout the year ranging from effects of Covid 19 on various events like Christmas and other social gatherings, immunity, and vaccination for Covid 19 and its various effects on the lives of people so far. 

The latest episodes talked about the biggest celebrity scandals of 2021 including top Pop Stars like Justin Beiber to Taylor Swift and all the buzz surrounding their personal and professional lives. Inside Out covers all the celebrity and entertainment world news within such episodes for the fans. 

Not only Pop Stars, in episode 27 of season 34, Inside Out gave us an exclusive insight into the married life of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the drama surrounding the royal family’s behavior towards the new bride. It also talks about the possible secrets and extent of information that Meghan might possess which feels threatening to the royal household since Prince Harry and his wife have officially left the royal family. 

Inside Edition Season 34 News Genre

The episodes so far have also covered lifestyle topics like makeup for men covered in episode 40 talking about breaking gender stereotypes and embracing the feminine side present inside men as well. Episode 61 gave us an insight into the rising popularity in butt lift surgery which are several Brazilian surgical processes and how they have risen to become so in demand. 

Most importantly, Inside Out in its 34th Season continued to cover crime and scandal stories like Episode 53 which showed us a woman being held hostage by a gunman, the murder of a Mexican teacher on his vacation, a woman getting harassed at a gym, and ways to make such places safer for women in general. 

Inside Edition Season 34 Where To Watch?

Inside Edition Season 34 Episode 79 Release Date
Inside Edition Season 34

Inside Edition, Season 34 is broadcasted on CBS which is an American broadcasting channel. All the fans who do not have access to CBS can take the help of other streaming sites like Roku and Hulu or Fubo TV for free of cost or take the subscriptions based on the streaming site. Inside Edition also has a Podcast channel called Inside Edition Podcast which can be streamed and listened to on Podbean App for those who are interested in Podcasts. 

Inside Edition Ratings 

This news broadcasting channel has quite a mixed bag of ratings and reviews in spite of being the longest-running news broadcasting show. A lot of people claim that Inside Edition is a part of their daily life where they can listen to the latest news, gossip, and drama at one go with no major effort. It has an IMDb rating of 3.2 which brings us to the other side of the ratings where some viewers feel that the news broadcasting show is problematic in dealing with news related to black people, child abuse, and other sensitive issues. 

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