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Industry Season 2 Release Date: Are You Excited?

Industry Season 2 Release Date
Industry Season 2 Release Date
Industry Season 2 Release Date

The show Industry is a British and American TV drama series, Mickey Down and Konrad Kay are the creators of the series. The United States’ HBO and the United Kingdom’s BBC Two both carried the debut in November 2020. Lee Thomas and the production company Bad Wolf are in charge of creating this drama series. Here’s everything we know about Industry Season 2 Release Date.

Industry Season 2 Release Date

We got wonderful news for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the renewal. HBO announced that on August 1, 2022, the television program Industry will return with a second season. This season will also include a total of eight episodes, just like season one did.

Name of the ShowIndustry
Season NumberSeason 2
Industry Season 1 Release Date9 November 2020
Industry Season 2 Release Date1 August 2022
Industry Season 2 Overview

Industry Season 1 Recap

Industry Season 2 Release Date

The television show Industry centers on a group of recent graduates who are vying for a small number of permanent posts at the prominent London investment bank Pierpoint & Co. In the first season, graduates from many spheres of life are examined as they vie for the few full-time job openings at Pierpoint. Among the graduates is Harper Stern, a Black native of rural New York who relocates to London in search of success at Pierpoint despite lying about her university of graduation.

Hari Dhar, a state-school graduate and the son of Hindi-speaking immigrants, Robert Spearing, a white working-class Oxford graduate who is eager to please but surprised by the change in social mores associated with high finance, and Yasmin Kara-Hanani, a privileged, well-connected girl with a drug-addled boyfriend are among the characters. Gus Sackey is a gay Black British graduate of Eton and Oxford.

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The eight-episode second season follows up with the young bankers struggling to build their identities in the sex and drug-fueled office milieu while its dark synth score plays in the background. The trading floor of the elite Pierpoint & Co. is tenser than ever with its bank-to-work mandate in effect because the market is booming and graduates can no longer hide behind their position. New U.S. management will add fuel to the fires for every employee as the ruthless world of finance heats up.

Industry Season 2 Cast

Industry Season 2 Release Date

Yasmin Kara-Hanani, played by Marisa Abela, is a driven recent graduate from an affluent family who is assigned to the Foreign Exchange Sales (FX) department at Pierpoint. She is proficient in Arabic, Spanish, and French. Sara Dhadwal is played by Priyanga Burford. Founder and CEO of Pierpoint London.  

Hilary Wyndham, a Managing Director of FX at Pierpoint, is played by Mark Dexter. Harper Stern, a gifted young black woman from New York, is played by Myha’la Herrold. She is tasked with working at Pierpoint’s Cross Product Sales (CPS) desk. In the role of Augustus “Gus” Sackey, played by David Jonsson, a black gay graduate of Eton and Oxford’s literae humaniores who was initially assigned to Pierpoint’s Investment Banking Division (IBD) desk before moving on to the CPS desk.

Robert Spearing, played by Harry Lawtey, is a working-class Welsh graduate of Oxford who is assigned to the CPS desk at Pierpoint. Greg Grayson, a VP at the CPS desk, is played by Ben Lloyd-Hughes. Yasmin’s direct line manager at Pierpoint and VP at the FX desk is Kenny Kilbane, played by Conor MacNeill. VP at the CPS Daria Greenock is played by Freya Mavor.

Manager of Harper. Robert’s manager, Clement Cowan, a VP at the CPS desk, is played by Derek Riddell. Hari Dhar, played by Nabhaan Rizwan (pilot only), is a public school graduate from an immigrant family who speaks Hindi and is tasked with working at Pierpoint’s IBD desk. Theo Tuck, an openly gay Eton graduate and second-year research analyst for Pierpoint, is portrayed by Will Tudor.

Eric Tao, Managing Director of CPS at Pierpoint, is played by Ken Leung. Nicole Craig, one of Pierpoint’s clients, is played by Sarah Parish. Felim Bichan, a fund manager and Pierpoint’s largest client, is portrayed by Andrew Buchan. Usman Abboud, Kaspar Zenden’s assistant, and Clement’s principal customer is played by Amir El-Masry. Danny Van Deventer, the executive director for Pierpoint New York, is played by Alex Alomar Akpobome. Charles Hanani, Yasmin’s father, is played by Adam Levy.

Venetia Berens, Yasmin’s newest hire on the Foreign Exchange Sales Desk, is played by Indy Lewis. Hedge fund manager Jesse Boom is played by Jay Duplass. Leo Bloom, son of Jesse, is played by Sonny Poon Tip. Celeste Pacquet, one of Peirpoint’s Private Wealth Managers, is portrayed by Katrine De Candole.

Industry Season 2 Trailer

HBO has released the trailer for the drama Industry’s second season which is going to premiere on HBO on August 1st. You can find the link to it on top of this article.

Where To Watch Industry Season 2 Online?

You can watch the show on HBO, BBC, Disney+ Hotstar, and Hulu.

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