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If Only Season 2 Release Date: Is It Getting Renewed?

If Only Season 2 Release Date

Do you also wish to go back in time and change a particular decision of yours that would completely change your life? Well, it is not possible in real life but we could enjoy this dilemma faced by our protagonist whose life has changed upside down! If Only season 1 brings us a whole show filled with drama and romance, with it being focused on a woman who is in her thirties and dissatisfied with her everyday boring routine. 

This show was created by esteemed creators namely Irma Correa and Ece Yörenç and the original script was acclimated by Irma Correa who showcases what many women feel after a particular period in their life. If Only is directed by Liliana Bocanegra who tries to bring in comedy, romance, and drama with each episode. Suckers for drama, this is the show you need to binge on!

Also, this show if there is another season, would explore more deeply into Emma’s life, how she handles her marriage, or does she choose herself.

If Only Season 2 Release Date

If Only Season 1 was recently broadcasted on 28th October, the year 2022 after being in production for more than a year. With the response of it getting reviews for being worth a watch for rom-com lovers and it gives a peek into amazing demographics, we can expect the network to renew it for further seasons. 

This series has not had an easy beginning, Originally written in Turkish in 2020, this series was shelved as Turkish officials prohibited shooting it at that time citing the reason for the pandemic. Nevertheless,  Ece Yörenç did not lose hope and brought in a Spanish adaptation of this series within about nine months of cancellation which was approved well here we have the show“If Only”. We need to wait for a few months if there is another season of this rom-com series.

Name of the ShowIf Only
Season NumberSeason 2
If Only Season 1 Release Date28 October 2022
If Only Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
If Only Season 2 Overview

If Only Season 2 Story

The story revolves around three main characters Emma, Nando, and Rubén. A woman who is in her early thirties, bored of her daily routines and at times contemplating what led her to this disappointing life is suddenly taken back to the setting of a decade ago! This happens due to a time malfunction during the occurrence of a lunar eclipse. This gives Emma an opportunity to reconsider who she was before, retake all the decisions, and decide who she desires to become.

Season 1 begins with Emma realizing that her marriage with Nando would never have happened if she knew this is where she would be in a cycle of boring routine, thereby deciding to separate. But life has an opportunity ready for her via a lunar eclipse. She changes her decision to say no to the proposal of a decade ago and we get to see what happens thereafter. Even though her life wasn’t exciting but she loved her children dearly. Will she go back? Watch season 1 to know that.

Also, if there is a  season 2, we can expect to see more of Emma’s decisions and her life.

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If Only Season 2 Cast

If Only Season 2 Release Date

This show is led by Megan Montaner who essays the role of Emma efficiently, who is slowly becoming the most sought-after actor in Spain. Also, the role of her husband, Nando is essayed by  Miquel Fernández, and  Michel Noher essays the role of Emma’s love interest. We also get to see actors such as Gonzalo Cabezas, Amber Shana Williams, Daniel Horvath, Eduardo Lloveras, Irina Bravo, Boré Buika, Álvaro Sanz Rodríguez, Ana Iglesias, Cristina Kovani, Raúl Escudero and Jael Pascual in different roles.

If Only Season 2 Trailer

The season 1 trailer was released on youtube, in which the series which is originally in Spanish is available in multiple European languages along with English. This trailer received amazing reviews and wanted viewers to watch this drama-filled quirky show. This show’s season 2 trailer would be as captivating as the first if there is one.

Where to Watch If Only Season 2 Online?

One can watch If Only Season 1 on Netflix which is of eight episodes each episode of 35 minutes. This show does a concrete job of showing the viewer the gains and losses of a decision.

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