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How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date: John Is Returning To Explore New York City Once Again?

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date
How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date

If you ask any random person where he/ she would love to visit or what his/ her dream city is, most of the time, you will get the answer “New York”. New York City is a very magnificent place for lovers and even for tourists. It also has the famous Eiffel Tower situated there. Now, what if we told you there is a reality show focused on this city where the main cast of the show roams in the everyday streets of New Yhiel also giving you some of the best shots there and beautiful places location?

How To With John Wilson is such a show where the main titular character, John Wilson, films the streets of New York City and covers topics from small talk to scaffolding. It is an American reality show of the comedy documentary type. It was created by John Wilson, who also directed it and wrote the storyline along with Michael Koman, Alice Gregory, Susan Orlean, and Conner O’Malley. He is also involved in its executive production along with some other people, which includes Nathan Fielder, Clark Reinking, and Michael Koman. The story was produced by Brendan McHugh. The chief editor for the story was Adam Locke-Norton. The series is an HBO original, which also airs. 

The most amazing thing about the series is how it managed to make something that should have been purely exploitative at the expense of its subject into something that is primarily endearing, heartwarming, and educational. Additionally, it does a fantastic job of immersing the viewer in authentic New York City culture and revealing the humanity and diversity of its inhabitants. It’s a direct, calming, almost meditative experience that gets right to the point. Actually, it just gives off the pleasant impression of hanging out with strangers.

The heart, the strange characters, the dry humour, the flawless editing, and the overall comedy. Everything was there. The quantity of footage and its editing deserve praise on their own because they significantly contribute to the comedy element. Aside from the fantastic writing, which is primarily awkward and dry in a funny way, the editing is absolutely incredible. It takes skill to simply have all that footage and arrange it as it is displayed. Unlike practically every other show, it doesn’t even there toward political territory.

The viewers of National Geographic documentaries are led to believe that the drama and spontaneity of the wild can be captured by cameras just as easily as an American teenager can take a selfie, which, when known about, is not the truth (in a lot of ways). John Wilson uses the same method to capture images of the wildlife in New York City. He speaks to us about himself, New Yorkers, the relationship between people and garbage, his love for his landlady, risotto, and other topics. The outcome is hilarious and occasionally moving. Wilson treats each of his subjects with grace, respect, and dignity, saving his own joke for last.

Overall, reviewing it, the show is well worthy of being one’s favourite and watching it again and again. The show is so well-liked that it already has 2 seasons, so we are going to be talking about season 3 in this article.

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date
How To With John Wilson Season 3

Considering the popularity of the comedy documentary we are talking about, it should not come as a surprise that it has already been renewed for this season by HBO in an official press release in February 2022. Amy Gravitt, executive vice president of HBO programming, makes the following statement in the press release for the season 3 renewal: 

We’re excited to keep seeing New York through John’s incredibly funny and moving lens because he “finds humanity in the banalest and absurd places.” Following that, a brief announcement was posted on the show’s official Twitter with the caption “Thanks for watching!” A picture of the director relaxing in the cherry-red, car-shaped coffin he discovers in the “How To With John Wilson” series is attached to it. Season 3 will be worth the wait, despite there being no official release date. The previous season had a rating of 8.7 out of 10 by more than 8K users on IMDb, which is very impressive. If season 3 gives the same highly satisfying results, then we might even get a fourth season next year.

Season one, with 6 episodes, was released from October 23, 2020, to November 27, 2020. The announcement for season 2 soon followed on December 9, 2020, with the same number of episodes and airing from November 26, 2021, to December 31, 2021. Each episode is no longer than 30 minutes and ranges from 26 to 28 minutes only. Following the trend, season 3, which is in production, might come out at the end of this year, though it is not confirmed yet.

Name of the ShowHow To With John Wilson
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreComedy Docuseries
How To With John Wilson Season 1 Release Date23 October 2020
How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
How To With John Wilson Season 3 Overview

How To With John Wilson Season 1 to 2 Recap

The previous season follows the titular protagonist, John Wilson as he roams the streets of New York City while meeting new people and interacting with them with highly hilarious instincts. The series unfolds in a video essay style. Each episode starts with John asking the same question, “What is scaffolding?” You might initially find it dull or out of place, but over time, it grows on you and you start to find it funny. Some of the scenes, such as the series of instructions on how to make risotto and cover furniture, are amusing despite their simplicity.

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The rest of the series shows how obsessed John is with filming and him talking about strange but funny things while dealing with some daily problems. Like in the first episode, we see how he solves his cat’s baby problem, who slowly keeps destroying every piece of furniture that comes her way. He conducts an investigation that provides historical context, worry-inducing material, and some of the funniest comedies. Not only is the content that is provided funny, but the titles of each episode are hilarious like – “How To Make Small Talk”; “How To Put Up Scaffolding”; “How To Improve Your Memory”; “How To Cover Your Furniture”; “How To Split the Check”; “How To Cook the Perfect Risotto”; “How To Invest in Real Estate”; “How To Appreciate Wine”; “How To Find a Spot”; “How To Throw Out Your Batteries”; “How To Remember Your Dreams”; “How To Be Spontaneous”.

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Story

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date
How To With John Wilson Season 3

Season 3 of How To With John Wilson is expected to continue what John has been doing in previous seasons, which includes his hilarious jokes. The COVID-19 pandemic breaks out in the final episode, so you may feel a strange and reflective sadness after spending the first five episodes engaging in voyeuristic experiences in the (now ostensibly pleasant) chaos of public Manhattan and then witnessing how it naturally led to our current state of affairs. With the start of the new season, we expect the happiness and humour of the show to return. 

The new season is also expected to have 6 episodes like the previous season, and it is anticipated that there will be the addition of some new cast members along with John Wilson to make the show more interesting. 

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Cast

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Release Date
How To With John Wilson Season 3

The whole series of How To With John Wilson follows John Wilson, who is an American documentary filmmaker. He was born on October 7, 1986, in New York City, U.S. and is currently aged 35. His father’s gift of a movie camera to him when he was a teenager piqued his interest in cinema. He became active in filmmaking in 2008 and has been active since then. He has since then filmed quite a few movies with others’ help, and then in 2020 rolled out his own documentary, the one we are discussing, which was renewed for further seasons, gaining a lot of popularity. He is a weirdo living in New York City who is shy and socially awkward but also brave and sympathetic. He has created this creative docu-series out of the candid footage he captured over the course of two years (from early 2018 to early 2020). It walks a fine line between satire, exploitation, education, and, well, art. The guys from Schlüsseldienst Berlin Friedrichshain are looking forward to the new season.

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In addition to him, there are numerous other pedestrians that John converses with and interacts with. Other known fixed casts are unknown. It’s also anticipated that the crew for the upcoming season won’t change. 

How To With John Wilson Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for the third season of How To With John Wilson. If according to our speculation, season 3 comes out by the end of 2022, then its trailer will be made available in a few months. You can watch the trailers and teasers for the first two seasons on

Where to Watch How To With John Wilson Season 3 Online?

You can watch the show’s previous season on HBO, HULU (free trial), and Apple TV, the same platforms where we expect the third season to come out.

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