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Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date and Spoilers!

Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date
Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date
Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date

Highschool DXD is a Japanese light novel series, that is written Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero the authors and illustrators of the show. The initial volume was made available in September 2008. There are a total of 25 volumes under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko brand. Eleven volumes of a manga adaptation by Hiroji Mishima were published after it first appeared in serial form in the July 2010 edition of Dragon Magazine and the March 2011 issue of Monthly Dragon Age. Here are all the details about Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date.

From January 6 to March 23, 2012, TNK’s anime adaptation was broadcast on TV Tokyo’s satellite channel AT-X and other networks. In July 2013, High School DxD New, the second season, debuted on television. In April 2015, the third season of High School DxD Born began airing. High School DxD Hero’s fourth season debuted in April 2018.

It is a well-known anime series, the episodes of the show center on the experiences and difficulties of Issei Hyodo, a high school student. Tetsuya Yanagisawa expertly directs this show to please fans of supernatural humor. It is a great blend of comedy and supernatural drama.

Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date

Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date
Highschool DXD

The series received a lot of love and support while it was broadcast on multiple platforms in various countries. The audience is now looking forward to the fifth season of the Japanese show. Unfortunately, there is no information available about when High School DxD season five will be released.

We can estimate that High School DxD Season 5 will be released in or around October 2022. It was originally scheduled for release by the end of 2020, but the pandemic issue caused that to be postponed, according to the author of the novel on which the series is based.

Name of the ShowHighschool DXD
Season NumberSeason 5
GenreAction, Supernatural
Highschool DXD Season 1 Release Date6 January 2012
Highschool DXD Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Highschool DXD Season 5 Overview

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Highschool DXD Season 5 Story

A previous all-girls school that recently became coed, Kuoh Academy has a secret. Unbeknownst to regular people, students include angels, fallen angels, and devils. Issei Hyodo, a lecherous second-year human student who leads a tranquil life, is one of these students. After a routine school day, Yuma Amano unexpectedly asks Issei out on a date. After their date, Yuuma takes Issei to a nearby park where she makes the shocking request that he die for her. She attempts to murder him after revealing herself to be Raynare, a fallen angel.

He is revived by Kuoh Academy third-year student Rias Gremory using her summoning card. The following morning, Issei awakens and believes that everything that just happened was a dream. He wakes up after being assaulted by another fallen angel and finds Rias in his chamber naked. Informing Issei of her actual nature as a devil, Rias claims that as a result of his death at hands of Yuuma, she gave him a second chance at life by resurrecting him as a devil, turning him into her obedient pawn.

Highschool DXD Season 5 Cast

Highschool DXD Season 5 Release Date
Highschool DXD

Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student from Kuoh Academy who aspires to rule a harem, is the main character of the story. His first date, who turns out to be a fallen angel, kills him, but Rias Gremory, the red-haired devil princess, later resurrects him as a devil so he can serve her and her devil family. The devils, fallen angels, and angels find Issei and Rias’ relationship to be perilous. In its September 2008 issue, Fujimi Shobo’s Dragon Magazine started serializing High School DxD.

The series’ protagonist, Issei Hyoudou, will have a voice thanks to Yuki Kaji. As Rias Gremory, Yoko Hikasa will perform. Akeno Himejima will get a voice thanks to Shizuka Ito. Asia Argento will be played by Azumi Asakura. As Rias Gremory, Jamie Marchi might return. Koneko Toujou’s character will have a voice thanks to Ayana Taketatsu. As Kiba, Sean O’Connor will perform. Koneko’s character may be reprised by Jad Saxton. The part of Yuto Kiba will be played by Kenji Nojima.

Ddraig will be voiced by Christopher Sabat. The part of Xenovia will be played by Lauren Landa. The voice of Ddraig can potentially be provided by Fumihiko Tachiki. The Xenovia character may alternatively be voiced by Risa Taneda. Maybe Chloe Daniels will voice Asia. Characters voiced by Phil Parsons and Rikiya Koyama include Azazel. Irina Shido can be voiced by Maaya Uchida and Kristi Kang.

Highschool DXD Season 5 Trailer

High School DxD Season 5 has no trailers yet thanks to the original network AT-X. But we can anticipate seeing its trailer shortly. The link to the previous season trailer is given on top of this article.

Where To Watch Highschool DXD Season 5 Online?

You can watch all four seasons of Highschool DXD on Crunchyroll.

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