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Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date
Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date

The Japanese psychological horror-thriller animated series was released on July 14, 2018. Even though the series was aired through the JNN and AT-X, the series had such a reputation that it was screened through more networks throughout the world. Amazon Prime Video tied hands with the series even before the start of production works due to its quality as well as the content. Moreover, Ezo’la studios developed the anime for a one-year deal. However, when they signed the agreement, it was assured that they will make attempts to work out the second season after the completion of the first.

Happy Sugar Life was decided to remake as a series after getting inspiration from its manga paperback versions. Unlike other manga, Happy Sugar Life started late and is considered to be related to the modern lifestyles of Japan. Keizo Kusakawa and Nobuyoshi had made sure that the series is shot in such a way that it maintains the same essence as the manga. Touko Machida had also won awards for his screenplay in the Happy Sugar Life. The manga series published in the Gangan Joker magazine was continued for four years. On the other hand, the animated version was aired only for two months having twelve episodes.  

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date
Happy Sugar Life

The release of the second season of Happy Sugar Life is at a question mark. This is due to two major reasons that caused uncertainty. Firstly, the first season received a massive appreciation from the audience due to the modern style of storytelling and relatable in the current world we are living in. For this reason, their major online streaming partner Amazon Prime Video had shown interest in renewing the series. But on the contrary, their series was developed to screen it on television. The networks such as MBS, TBS, and so on felt hesitant to renew the show due to its minute criticisms concerning the shonen demographic contents.

Therefore, the chances are shortened for yet another season. However, there can be a breakthrough if Amazon takes over the project but it is still a long way from making that move. The project can regain its power even if another network such as AT-X comes upfront. Even if that is the case, the second season of Happy Sugar Life can only be released with the final cuts by the second half of 2023.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Happy Sugar Life Season 1 Release Date 14 July 2018
Happy Sugar Life Season 1 End Date 29 September 2018
Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Story  

Season one of Happy Sugar Life depicted the story of an unusual relationship between Sato Marsuzaka and Shio Kobe. Their friendship and genuine interest in each other ended the duo in a romantic relationship. Both of them believed that their existence will be complete only if they are together all the time. This unusual bond between them created some catastrophic situations that were even causing serious disturbance to the people. However, at the season’s finale, Sato surrendered to death sacrificing for the love of Shio.

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Whatsoever, Shio is not willing to include anyone else in her life even her brother. But she decides to live with the memories of Sato for the rest of her life. Even though the season ended with a brilliant yet perfect end to the story, there are still chances for more encounters. The little girl Shio might come back after a mature lady and might go for revenge over Sato’s death. She also can find another perfect half just like Sato and witness similar events in their life.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Cast

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release Date
Happy Sugar Life

Shio Kobe: Misaki Kuno

Shio is a generous and loving character in Happy Sugar Life. She and Sato were in a romantic relationship. The love that Shio had for Sato seemed to be true as she still keeps Sato’s wedding ring. Even though she knew Sato had been locking her in the room, Shio believed that Sato was intended to care for her.

Asahi Kobe: Yumiri Hanamori

Asahi is the brother of Shio and was revealed only in the last episode of the series. He valued their relationship and was proud to be her brother after knowing the truth.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Trailer

An official trailer for the first season was released on YouTube and can be viewed on its official channel. However, the trailer for season two hasn’t been published as the pre-production works aren’t initiated to date.

Where to Watch Happy Sugar Life Season 2?

There is a higher probability that Amazon Prime Video might stream the series online. However, they haven’t come to a contract yet and will be disclosed in a possible announcement. 

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