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Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date: Already Announced?

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date
Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date
Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date

Grimoire of the Zero is a Japanese light novel series that was created by Yoshinori Shizuma and Kakeru Kobashiri. The anime is based on the fantasy-magic genre. At the 20th annual Dengeki Novel Awards, the book was awarded the Grand Prize. It was released by ASCII Media Works in eleven volumes between February 2014 and December 10, 2017. Takashi Iwasaki created an adaptation of the series as a manga. Zero kara Hajimeru Mah no Sho Nano, a spinoff manga series, has also been released and is illustrated by Yasuoka. Between April and June of 2017, White Fox’s anime television adaptation aired.

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date
Grimoire of The Zero

The release of a second season is eagerly anticipated by fans, but there have been no updates on it. The delay in the release of the new seasons is unknown for any particular cause. But as we all know, it’s customary for the well-known anime series to release its sequels decades apart. Considering the time between 2017 and 2021, four years have passed. There are instances where fresh seasons debut after a 6–7year pause. Fans have great hopes for the release of Grimoire of Zero seasons 2 by the end of 2021 or in 2022. Let’s thus pray for the best and earliest outcomes for the second portion.

Name of the ShowGrimoire Of The Zero
Season NumberSeason 2
Grimoire Of The Zero Season 1 Release Date10 April 2017
Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Overview

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Story

The “beast fallen” are cursed humans born with the look and strength of an animal in a world where humans and witches are constantly at war. Both humans and witches despise and avoid them due to their formidable physical attributes and ferocious nature. As a result, many beast fallen become sellswords who live off of witch-hunting. Zero is a witch with little knowledge of the outside world who travels with a mercenary who is half-human and half-beast but yearns to be human. In this realm, witches use sorcery, but no one is aware of the study of witchcraft.

In search of “The Book of Zero,” a mysterious grimoire that contains the ability to end the world, Zero is traveling with her hired guardians. The Liturgical Calendar year 526. Everyone was aware that witches existed and engaged in the infamous activity of magic. But the science of magic was unknown to the general public. Our story centers on a mercenary who is half human and half beast; people jestingly refer to people like him as “fallen monsters.”

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He had always desired to be a human, but one day he met a witch who would alter the course of his entire existence. The witch introduced herself as “Zero” and asserted that she was in search of a rare magical book that had been stolen from her den by thieves. The grimoire, called “The Book of Zero,” was said to include vital magical information that could easily bring the planet to its knees. Thus, despite Zero being one of the witches he so despised, the mercenary must travel with her in order to fulfill his desire of becoming a human.

This is the tale of a conceited sorceress and a compassionate beast. The year is 526 according to the liturgical calendar. A human named Mercenary is cursed with the appearance of an animal. Mercenary hates witches and his life, which causes him to go through a series of hardships as he flees from a witch who wants to kill him in order to strengthen her powers. He truly is a very unfortunate man. He runs into a mysterious woman named Zero, nevertheless, who says she can restore his humanity. Of course, not for nothing. The woman is searching for a “Grimoire of Zero” that not only facilitates the casting of potent spells but also makes the process simple. One may easily alter the global order or perhaps end the planet with such a potent grimoire.

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Cast

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Release Date
Grimoire Of The Zero

The show’s lead character is Zero. She looks like a youngster, but she is probably a witch who is much older. She is skilled in both sorcery and magic, having written her own spellbook dubbed the “Grimoire of Zero” to generate the latter. Despite her extensive expertise, she has no idea about fundamental concepts like the cost of jewels and financial transactions. She is unaffected by situations that could ordinarily make others feel embarrassed.

After promising to give the Mercenary his true human shape, she hired him. As the series goes on, Zero has expressed an interest in being more intimate with him. The two of them get married and start their own tavern in his hometown village at the end of the book series. Additionally, she seemed to find the comfort of Mercenary’s stomach fur more comfortable than an actual bed. She is Thirteen’s younger sister. Her voice is given by Japanese VA Yumiri Hanamori and Amanda Lee in English.

A Mercenary is a Beastfallen or someone born with the appearance of an animal. It is a white tiger in his case. Early on, it is made clear that the Beastfallen were created by witches to serve as soldiers. The magic that created them would always come back to the witch whenever they were murdered. If the witch were still alive, however, her descendants would inherit the trait, making them Beastfallen.

He is incredibly skilled in both cooking and combat. The Mercenary has declared that one day when he is a human, he hopes to own a pub. He can physically outweigh many humans and even a few Beastfallen. Despite experiencing abuse throughout his life, he has managed to remain a better person. Despite his brash demeanor, he is a truly compassionate individual.

To ensure that people are careful of him and other Beastfallen who are not as nice since they have likely experienced maltreatment, he keeps up this stern demeanor and, in some situations, enhances it. His identity is unknown since Zero advised him to refrain from disclosing his name to witches who might use it to subdue him. Since then, he has gone by the name Mercenary. His voice is given by Japanese VA Tsuyoshi Koyama and Jason Douglas in English.

Albus is a young and powerful witch from the Mooncaller Clan. She is the late Sorena’s granddaughter, who assumed a boy’s identity to hide her ancestry. She first tried to kill the Mercenary so she could steal his head for a ceremony that would strengthen her. Albus was halted by Zero, nevertheless, and has since joined them. Despite this, she occasionally makes a joke about taking the Mercenary’s head in order to enrage him. She looks up to Zero since it was she who created the fabled Grimoire of Zero, a little spellbook containing the very secrets of magic, a new, unique, and effective kind of power used by sorcerers and witches who do impressive sorcerous feats.

Her voice is given by Japanese VA Yo Taichi and Chelsea McCurdy (English). Holdem is a wolf Beastfallen who was formerly a prince, but after being discovered having an affair, he fled his family and ended up moving in with Sorena. He requested that Sorena turn him into a Beastfallen so that he may conceal his royal ancestry and live out his days in peace. He was given the responsibility of raising Sorena’s granddaughter, eventually identified as Albus after Sorena was put to death. His voice is given by Japanese VA Masayuki Kato.

The primary antagonist of the first volume is Thirteen. He is an old friend of Zero’s who it was later discovered is her elder brother. Zero was the only other survivor of the carnage that resulted in the theft of the Grimoire of Zero, and her brother was the only other survivor. Thirteen does not use his real name, much like Zero and Albus do. The primary characteristics of Thirteen are his glum expression and low voice.

Despite this, he shares Zero’s eating behaviors, such as being on time for meals. In an effort to put an end to the rogue mages who have learned magic from the Grimoire, he has joined the court of a nearby kingdom since emerging from the cave. His motivations, however, have been questioned because he is influencing the subjects of the kingdom he serves. His voice is given by Japanese VA Takehito Koyasu.

A renowned witch, Sorena served as the Mooncaller lineage’s ambassador. She utilized her abilities to help others but was wrongfully burnt at the stake when people believed she was responsible for the plague. Her passing sparked the witches’ uprising in the Kingdom of Wenias, which led to the witch hunt. Later, Thirteen revealed that the disease that Sorena had been accused of starting had actually been accidentally sparked by an anonymous inexperienced witch. Her voice is given by Japanese VA Yoshiko Sakakibara.

Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Trailer

You can find the link for the trailer of Grimoire of the Zero on top of this article.

Where To Watch Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 Online?

You can watch Grimoire of the zero on HIDIVE and Bilibili.

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