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Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date
Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date

Grand Blue is a manga series that was turned into an anime series by Kimitake Yoshioka and Kenji Inoue. There are twelve episodes in all of the shows. Its foundations are in the comedy, slice of life, and sports genres. Shinji Takamatsu is the creator and director of the anime series.

The program ran on the Animeism programming block on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, and AT-X from July to September 2018. 12 episodes made up the first season of the anime, while only 5 volumes were turned into the show. For the upcoming anime seasons, there are 13 manga volumes left. This leads to the conclusion that there is more stock material available for at least a second season. 

Additionally, since the manga series is ongoing, more source material will be available in the future. Another element that broadens the prospects for the new season is the continuation of the manga series. Because continuing series’ advertising efforts are ongoing and a new anime season significantly boosts manga sales.

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date
Grand Blue Dreaming

Zero-G or any associated companies have not renewed the show for a second season as of July 22, 2022. The first season of Grand Blue aired from July through September of 2018.

There hasn’t been a second-season confirmation via official channels in the previous two years. There is no need to worry just yet because it is a typical occurrence for many anime series. A new season of an anime is frequently approved if it has enough fan support, enough source material, and enough commercial success.

We made predictions about the second season by analyzing these key elements because there has been no official comment on the subject. These indicators are combined by the anime’s decision-making committees, which also approve new seasons.

Name of the ShowGrand Blue Dreaming
Season NumberSeason 2
Grand Blue Dreaming Season 1 Release Date13 July 2018
Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Overview

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Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Story

The show’s plot centers around Kitahara Iori starting a new life as he enrolls in college in Izu City, close to the coast, full of anticipation for his new life. Grand Blue, his uncle’s dive shop, will become his new home. There he discovers the lovely ocean, lovely ladies, and men who enjoy drinking and scuba diving. The question that remains is whether Will Iori will be able to lead his ideal college life.

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Characters

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Release Date
Grand Blue Dreaming

The main characters in Grand Blue Dreaming are, Iori Kitahara, a first-year mechanical engineering student at Izu University, who is 18 years old. Despite having no interest at first, Iori grows to love diving and hanging out with the club members, whom he befriends and cares for despite their boisterous behavior and never-ending absurd plans. Kouhei Imamura is a first-year student at Izu University studying mechanical engineering.

He is Iori’s best buddy and a devoted otaku who is thought of by his friends as a lolicon. His fixation with the little sister character stereotype is particularly strong (hence his obsession with Shiori Kitahara). Although many find his otaku lifestyle repulsive, he doesn’t care what people think of him. Third-year Oumi University student Azusa Hamaoka participates in the intercollegiate diving club with Izu University. She exhibits a special closeness or comradeship to Iori despite her reputation for having a very outgoing and exhibitionist disposition. Izu University first-year mechanical engineering student Chisa Kotegawa is Iori’s cousin.

Compared to other characters, Chisa seems more mature and serious. She may be rather aggressive and has a definite hatred for boisterous conduct, especially when it is aimed at her (especially with Iori). She rarely partakes in excessive drinking or wild behavior and is typically spotted watching from the sidelines. She enjoys diving and perusing diving gear. Chisa is one of three female students in her class admired by her male peers due to her major’s scarcity of females.

First-year student Aina attends Oumi Women’s University. After getting to know Iori and Kouhei, she decides to join the Grand Blue Diving Club. She despises having to show her skin because she is a very bashful girl. She and Chisa quickly become close friends. Izu University student Shinji Tokita is a third-year mechanical engineering student.

Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have the official release of the Grand Blue Dreaming trailer.

Where To Watch Grand Blue Dreaming Season 2 Online?

You can watch the show on Amazon prime and JustWatch.

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