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Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

The Gordita Chronicles is an American television show which falls under the comedy theme. It features a lot of neon colors, graphic shapes, and crimped hair while being set in 1980s Miami without actually adhering to the theme. Weird times, indeed! It is narrated by the older version of the series’ main protagonist. This program, which focuses on Dominican immigrants (a Dominican is a member of a female religious order founded on similar principles or of the Roman Catholic preaching friar order founded by St. Dominic), was well received by viewers worldwide. The show quickly gained popularity after its initial release due to its hilarity and epic comedy themes. It’s fun to binge-watch this show because it’s so lighthearted. The heart of Gordita Chronicles, however, rather than its social commentary, is what gives it its true power. 

The show was created by Claudia Forestieri with Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldaña as its executive producers. 

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2

The show’s producers have not yet decided whether to cancel Gordita Chronicles or renew it for a second season. However, given the show’s popularity, we anticipate hearing some good news soon. Season one released all of its 10 episodes on June 22, 2022, altogether, with each lasting for approximately 20 minutes. The program’s popularity will undoubtedly produce a new season. Even a release sometime in 2024 would not be out of the question.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Gordita Chronicles Season 1 Release Date22 June 2022
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Gordita Chronicles Season 1 Story

The main character of The Gordita Chronicles is Carlota “Cucu” Castelli, a 12-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic who is stubborn but has a good heart. The plot takes place in the hedonistic 1980s when Cucu leaves her home and parochial school in Santo Domingo to live in Miami and pursue her own American Dream. Cucu’s father is a marketing executive for a major airline, and the story is set after his transfer to Miami. With humor, bravado, and a few really bad choices, Cucu tackles the challenges of being an immigrant in a strange new environment.

Although Cucu’s English difficulties are undoubtedly a concern for many recent immigrants, they seem out of place in a show where the Castelli’s only speak flawless English, not Spanish with subtitles, even amongst themselves. This is especially true of season one of the show, which focuses primarily on Cucu’s language difficulties. Things get harder when the family dreams of big things but the paycheck that Cucu’s father receives is small. 

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Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Story

In the new season, we hope to see Cucu overcome more of her struggle of not being a proper American or a Dominican. We will see more of her trying to accomplish her dreams in all the ways possible. The series has quite a lot of potential, which we are hoping to see in the next season.

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Characters and Cast

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2

Carlota ‘Cucu’ Castelli played by Olivia Goncalves

Cucu is the protagonist of the story, who recently settled in America along with her 4 member family. Settling in a place has its own new dreams and hope. We will see more of her coming closer to her dreams.

Victor Castelli played by Juan Javier Cardenas

Victor is Cucu’s father. He works as a marketing executive and is always rattling off American advertising slogans with starry-eyed admiration. His family has very big dreams and high hopes for him, but he may not be able to fulfill them due to his small paychecks.

Adela Castelli played by Diana Maria Riva

She is Cucu’s mom. She had lofty aspirations of owning a very large dream home when she first immigrated to America, but due to his husband’s larger income, they had to settle for a modest apartment.

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no season two trailer available due to the recent broadcast of season one. On the HBO MAX official YouTube channel, there is a trailer for the first season of the Gordita Chronicles. The trailer is full of humorous themes and comedy elements, making it very enjoyable. Our young protagonist is seen settling into her new home and neighborhood, which is full of fresh faces and promises to bring her more happiness.

Where To Watch Gordita Chronicles Season 2?

Only HBO MAX currently offers streaming access to the program. The show is available on the BINGE app for Australian viewers. There is currently no availability for UK fans, though. You can also watch this show on JustWatch.

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