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Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date: What Turns Will It Take?

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date
Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date

This is a Canadian-American factual-based TV show that is produced by executive Producer Stephen Kemp and co-writer Noel-Baker are the minds behind the drama television series Gangland Undercover. It was influenced by the true account of Charles Falco, a former ATF CI who joined an illegal motorcycle organization. The series is based on Charles Falco and Kerrie Droban’s memoir Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws: My Infiltration of America’s Deadliest Biker Gangs. It made its History Channel debut on February 2, 2015. Here’s what we know about Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date.

The narrative of meth dealer-turned-ATF informant Charles Falco, who spent a lot of time inside one of the most vicious motorcycle gangs in America, the Vagos, is recreated in this drama series. Falco first agreed to the task in order to escape serving 20 years in prison for drug-related offenses, but it ultimately turned into a quest for revenge for him. The documentary “Gangland Undercover” follows the life of illegal bikers that operate in a society where respect is acquired through intimidation.

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date

Falco’s book “Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws,” as well as historical studies on gang conflicts, served as the basis for the television series. History’s Gangland Undercover premiered on February 24, 2015. A 60-minute scripted drama/crime television series called Gangland Undercover is presently airing its second season.

Due to the series’ rising popularity, a renewal or spin-off is still very much a possibility. And the premiere date of the Gangland Undercover season 3 date is yet to be revealed.

Name of the ShowGangland Undercover
Season NumberSeason 3
Gangland Undercover Season 1 Release Date24 February 2015
Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Gangland Undercover Season 3 Overview

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Story

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date
Gangland Undercover

An incredible true story about a drug dealer who was arrested and then given the choice between spending more than 20 years in prison or going undercover in one of the most notorious biker gangs in America is told in a gritty fact-based drama series. Charles Falco made the decision to go undercover, and for the next three years, he lived a chaotic and hazardous life collecting evidence while always running the risk of being found out and becoming one of the gang’s victims.

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He infiltrated the Vagos motorcycle gang. Falco’s secret investigation into their unlawful actions is revealed in detail in each episode, and the drama builds across the entire series as well plotted character arcs reveal savage interpersonal rivalries. When the gang’s vice president is murdered in a motorbike accident, these tensions eventually explode, setting off a series of unanticipated events that ultimately cause the group to disintegrate. The operation is in danger of failing as questions about Falco’s true identity grow, which would result in a stressful and tragic ending.

This series vividly depicts the reality of the outlaw biker counter-culture: a world where freedom is equated with the right to carry guns and trade drugs with impunity, and respect can be earned through fear. Following the completion of his undercover operation with the Vagos, the reformed Falco enters witness protection but is hooked on the adrenaline rush of undercover two additional biker gangs as part of his undercover operation.

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Cast

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Release Date
Gangland Undercover

Charles Falco, played by Damon Runyan, is a meth dealer-turned-confidential ATF informant who is working undercover in the Vagos Motorcycle Club. He goes by the alias Quick and progresses from being a “hang-around” to a fully patched member. He goes undercover as a potential member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club named Chef in Season 2 while he is in the witness protection program.

Later, he joins the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Mike Kozinski (also known as Koz), an ATF agent and Falco’s handler, is played by Ari Cohen. Paulino Nunes of the Pomona Chapter played the role of Schizo, the Vagos Chapter President, in Season 2 as Ziggy, an undercover Mongol Sargeant-at-Arms. Vagos prospect became full-patched member Stash is played by James Cade. Ian Matthews portrays Darko, the sergeant-at-arms of Vagos. He is a member of the Outlaws’ probationary chapter in Season 2 and an ATF CI. Kid, a Vago’s vice president, and Falco’s prospect sponsor, is played by Stephen Eric McIntyre. As The Devil, President of the Outlaws in Season 2. Don Francks as Vagos Road Captain Lizard. Suzanna, a friend of Stella and Falco’s girlfriend, is played by Melanie Scrofano.

Thomas Mitchell as Bullet, an ATF agent going undercover as a Mongol and their Sergeant-at-Arms, was among the new cast members in the second season. He establishes the Outlaws’ newest probationary chapter. Sarah Jane, a waitress Charlie befriends at the Tulip Diner, is played by Hannah Anderson. Shaun Benson plays Crowbar, President of the Pagans. Meredith Jones/Wilson, the ATF field operations management and Bullet’s handler, is portrayed by Joanne Boland.

Gangland Undercover Season 3 Trailer

You can find the link to the Gangland Undercover trailer on top of this article.

Where To Watch Gangland Undercover Season 3 Online?

You can watch all the episodes of both the seasons of Gangland undercover on Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store, HISTORY, or The Roku Channel.

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