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Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date Updates!    

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     
Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     

School Babysitter or Gakuen Babysitters, written and illustrated by Hari Tokeino, is a Japanese manga series of the genre slice of life. The series was serialized by Hakusensha’s LaLa, a shojo manga magazine since 2009. As of then, the manga has collected over seventeen tankobon volumes. The series also received a 12 episode anime series created by Brain’s Base which was telecasted on TV between January 7, 2018, and March 25, 2018, on Sun TV, Tokyo MX, and BS11. The anime was directed by Shūsei Morishita with music by Ruka Kawada and script by Yuuko Kakihara. The series was also exclusively streamed on Crunchyroll. An OVA was released in June 2018 along with the 7th Blu-Ray and DVD.

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date

The final episode of the anime’s first season aired four years ago and fans of the show have been waiting ever since for the renewal of a new season. The first season of Gakuen Babysitters was extremely popular due to its fresh and wholesome concept. 

The series was based on the first five volumes of the manga with several components being left out and as long as the manga continues to run there can always be a second season. That being said the manga does have enough content to create a fully-fleshed out season and it’s most likely a new season will drop once the production company decides to do so. However, as of now, there is no news regarding it.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Gakuen Babysitters Season 1 Release Date     7 January 2018
Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     Not Announced Yet
Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     

Gakuen Babysitters Season 1 Recap

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     
Gakuen Babysitters

After losing both his parents in a plane crash, Ryuuichi Kahina, a middle schooler, is left alone with his only family member, his younger brother Kotarou, who he must now take care of as his guardian. Despite Ryuuichi’s kind and friendly nature, he still finds it difficult to take care of his brother who is an extremely reserved and quiet child, unable to understand what has happened. During their parent’s funeral, they are approached by the chairmen of an elite academy, Youko Morinomiya, who tells them that she will take them under her wing and enroll him in her school but Ryuuichi must work in her academy’s babysitting club. The babysitting club was started to help the female teacher at the academy and to look after their little children however the club had only one member. Ryuuichi is now responsible for not only his brother but five other kids around the same age, who all have unique personalities and interests.

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Gakuen Babysitters Season 1 Characters

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date     
Gakuen Babysitters

Ryuuichi Kashima

Ryuuichi Kashima is one of the main protagonists of the series Gakuen Babysitters. He loves his younger brother Kotaro very much and is the favorite of the kids at the club. Ryuuichi has brown hair and big brown eyes, often being called attractive by the girls in his class due to his cute looks and soft personality.

Kotaro Kashima

Kotaro Kashima is one of the main protagonists and is the younger brother of Ryuuichi. Kotaro loves his brother very much and often relies on him. Kotaro is a quiet child with light-colored hair who only ever shows emotion whenever he’s happy or excited as shown by his eyes sparkling. He often wears a hoodie that has a tiger face on it, referring to his name, or a panda. Kotaro usually spends his time reading books or playing with his brother.

Hayato Kamitani

Hayato Kamitani who is often just called Kamitani is a member of Morinomiya Academy’s baseball club and the son of Shizuka Kamitani, who is a middle school science teacher. He is the older brother of Taka Kamitani, one of the children in the Babysitting club, and often helps out whenever he’s free. He is Ryuuichi’s friend and classmate. He is considered extremely attractive and popular owing to his good looks and status as a baseball member however his gruff and straightforward personality makes it hard for others to approach him.

Taka Kamitani

Taka Kamitani is one of the children a part of the Babysitting Club of Morinomiya. He is the son of Kamitani Shizuka, a middle school science teacher and Hayato Kamitani’s younger brother. Taka considers himself Kotaro’s best friend and often hangs out with him.

Where to Watch Gakuen Babysitters Season 2?

Gakuen Babysitters can be streamed on Crunchyroll and on the official YouTube channel of Muse Asia.

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