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Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date
Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date

Flirty Dancing is a British dance reality television series. It was based on the Channel 4 version in the United Kingdom, which was very popular among the fans and already had 2 seasons when this version aired. The series had Deborah Sargeant and Jilly Pearce as its executive producers, while it was produced by Second Star. The show was successful in expressing the real-life emotions and situations of its contestants to its audience. It first premiered on the FOX streaming service. Here’s what we know about Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date.

The show is a great creative, whimsical alternative to reality TV. At first, one might think this won’t work, but Flirty Dancing is such a sweet blend of awkward artistic chance that meets romantic chemistry that it almost makes you believe in love at first sight. So if this show appealed to you greatly and you are wondering if there will be a follow-up to it, a tearjerker follow-up to “Where Are the Couples” after the show, like a reunion episode bringing all the contestants back, then keep reading! 

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date

For the fans of Flirty Dancing, we have very unfortunate news! Yes! The show has been canceled by its creator after season one on May 18, 2020. Season one premiered on December 29, 2019, with 6 episodes released every week on the same day and time till January 25, 2020.

The audience was astounded by the contestants’ unforced and carefree facial expressions while they danced. Each of the episodes managed to gather a decent number of viewers, and the series also had some good reviews, with an average rating of 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb. But all this couldn’t stop the show from being canceled. The series wrapped up for good on January 8th, 2020 after a two-hour long finale and never came back to us.

If the series had gained a bit more attention from the American audience, we might have seen another season, but it’s a shame that the series didn’t meet up to the networks’ expectations. The original series had a good reputation and managed to have two successful seasons. 

Name of the ShowFlirty Dancing
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Flirty Dancing Season 1 Release Date 29 December 2019
Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date Canceled
Flirty Dancing Season 2 Overview

Flirty Dancing Season 1 Recap

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date
Flirty Dancing Season 2

In Flirty Dancing, single people discover their soul mates through dancing. The concept of season one was very exciting. The competitors learn a dance, and then they are paired with a partner who has also studied the dance. They join forces and dance in the most passionate way possible, holding hands and exuding all the joy they can muster.

If the couple senses a potential connection or chemistry after the dance, they go on dates. In the event that they come up empty-handed, they can still enjoy the dance and the experience of moving to the beat of a complete stranger who is doing his or her best to mirror their partner.

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Flirty Dancing Season 2 Story

If and when Flirty Dancing drops, it is expected that the show will continue with the same theme of matchmaking singles who are looking to mingle. We might even see some LGBTQ+ couples just like there were in the original version of the show. Nothing is confirmed as of this moment as the show has been canceled by the creator.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Cast

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date
Flirty Dancing

Season one of Flirty Dancing was hosted by Jenna Dewan. If the show ever returns, we expect she will be returning to it as the host and matchmaker. Just like in the previous season, we will also get to see new couples every week dancing with their partners to their heart’s content in the new season if it ever comes out. Exact couples can not be named as of this moment, as the series has been canceled altogether.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Trailer

The series has been canceled by the show’s creator, so there is no trailer available for it. But if there is one released, we will be the first ones to update you!

Where to Watch Flirty Dancing Season 2 Online?

Flirty dancing is available to stream on FOX NOW and on Hulu. If season 2 were to be released, unless some major platforms are interested in the project, we anticipate it would be accessible on the same platforms.

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