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Evil Season 3 Release Date: Already Renewed?

Evil Season 3 Release Date
Evil Season 3 Release Date

In 2018 an American couple who worked in the television industry as writers came forward with an innovative idea. By that time they were popular for their works in the creation of the Good Wife and Brain Dead. Their idea to come up with yet another work excited most people especially those who were a fan of their previous shows. After declaring the series, they managed to release the promotional poster as well as the trailer in the following year. Furthermore, there were speculations on the content of the series as most were confused in determining the theme after finding the title. They determined to produce the series on their own with some other collaborators to increase its commercial considerations. CBS studios stepped into the frame as one of the key sponsors of the show.

In addition, their reputation inspired the industry and as a result, shook hands with Paramount Global Distribution Group to build a decent viewership across the world. A working team under the leadership of Robyn-Alain Feldman looked into the production department with Matt Kregor and the team helping with the final cuts. Most of the episodes stood within the time limit of fifty minutes and were rendered in an HDTV 1080i streaming quality. Evil was both commercially and morally competent and a huge success after all. Specifically, the first season had a good run but the graph considerably went down making it less interested. However, by the end of the second season and twenty-six episodes, Evil still had a consistent viewership of approximately five million views per episode worldwide. 

Evil Season 3 Release Date

Evil Season 3 Release Date

The Evil is a supernatural thriller drama created by the celebrity couples Robert and Michelle King. The first season was released on the twenty-sixth of September 2019 and came to an end by January thirty 2020. Thirteen episodes were included in the season. Even though the second season was announced, there was a delay of just over a year before the trailer of the second season popped up. The second season also ran for four months which was started on the twentieth of June and ended by the first quarter of February. From thereafter questions were asked regarding the updates on their renewal. Reports are stating that Paramount plus had renewed the series and the episodes will start to come in by the middle of 2022. 

Furthermore, June twelve is the assumed date of the premiere of the third season however this remains unconfirmed. Various online platforms mentioned Evil in the most anticipated series list for its massive fan base and the creator’s reputation. However, there is ample evidence to short-list the assumption that it may come out in 2022. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Evil Season 1 Release Date26 September 2019
Evil Season 2 Release Date20 June 2021
Evil Season 3 Release Date12 June 2022
Evil Season 3 Release Date

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Evil Season 3 Story

The series is an investigative study on supernatural and demonic activities. Dr. Kristen Bouchard is a clinical psychologist who steps into supernatural studies to get a deep knowledge of evil and good. She wants to know the basic instinct behind the cause of miracles and the mysteries surrounding that. The first season witnessed similar exorcism-related works and some crimes involved that. Despite the studies they are conducting, it is expected that they may try to merge the modern-day technologies to find the cause and thereby restrict evil. 

Evil Season 3 Cast and Characters


Katja Herbers: Dr. Kristen Bouchard

The actress from the Netherlands studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Coincidentally, she was cast in “Evil” as a forensic psychologist which gave her the best actress award twice. In addition, Katja had acted in almost twenty-three television dramas as well as twenty commercial movies. She was introduced in 2002 by playing the role of Martha Bell in the movie Peter Bell.

Mike Colter: David Acosta

Mike graduated with his Master’s degree in Film from Rutgers University. The 45-year-old actor from the United States is also a voice actor who had featured in the games developed by “Halo”. He is all set to play the lead role of Charlie Walker in the movie “I’m Charlie Walker”.

Evil Season 3 Trailer

An official trailer of Evil season three hasn’t been released yet. Therefore, it is expected to come out by anytime as per reports.

Where to Watch Evil Season 3?

After Netflix showed little interest to renew the show, Paramount plus holds the license to stream it online. In addition, it will be available on Voot select as well.  

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