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Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date
Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date

A Freeform Network’s very latest web series ‘Everything’s Trash’ is a comedy and drama genre show. The show debuted on television screens with two episodes on 13th July 2022 and wrapped up with 10 episodes on 7th September 2022. Each episode on average had a duration of 25 minutes, all the episodes guaranteed nearly half a million viewers getting to binge the show on their tv screens. Everything’s trash is also based on a 2018’s web series called ‘Everything’s Trash But It’s Okay, it was Phoebe Robinson’s creation. The show was an economic success and prompted Phoebe to come up with another series called Everything’s Trash.

Written and produced by Phoebe Robinson, the show Everything’s Trash is a television podcast show featuring Phoebe Robinson, Jordan Carlos, and Nneka Okafor. Phoebe talks about her life and various scenarios she faced while growing up. Freeform is known to stop its various shows at only a single season, but Everything’s Trash might come out to be an exception just like very few. Since the show’s season one has already concluded on 7 September, fans are keen to binge on to another season on Evofything’s Trash. To know more about Everything’s Trash season 2, keep scrolling.  

Everything’s Trash season 2 release date

As of now, Everything’s Trash season 2 release date has still not been announced by the creators, and Freeform (production company) is waiting for the complete response from the show’s performance on OTT platforms. It is still too early to judge whether there will be another season of Everything’s Trash. The show averaged half a million viewers in each episode and a rating of 0.03. Everything’s Trash did quite an awesome job by procuring a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes’ official website. But still, there are some negative reviews from critics regarding the context of the show at various scenes.

Phoebe Robinson is a renowned author and a famous comedian, with her being in the main cast role Everything’s Trash has every reason to come back with another series. Be that as it may, it’s hard to gather any information regarding the future of the show. We will have to wait for Phoebe and Freeform to make any announcement regarding the renewal or cancellation of the show.

Name of the ShowEverything’s Trash
Season NumberSeason 2
Everything’s Trash Season 1 Release Date13 July 2022
Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Everything’s Trash Season 2 Overview

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Everything’s Trash season 2 story

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date
Everythings Trash: Phoebe Robinson

Since the show is still not renewed by the creators, we do not have any information regarding the potential storyline of Everything’s Trash season 2. But what we can expect to be in season 2 is Phoebe Robinson and Jayden returning to the show with their memories. We got to know about Phoebe’s love life, workplace experiences, and discrimination she faced, season 2 might feature more of such moments from her and her brother’s life.

Everything’s Trash season 2 cast

Everything’s Trash Season 2 Release Date
Everythings Trash season 1

We do not have information regarding who will be re-casted in the show or who will be added, we are still waiting for Freeform to decide on the future of Everything’s Trash season 2. But here are the characters who appeared in the first season of the show: Phoebe Robinson as Phoebe, Jordan Carlos as Jayden, Nneka Okafor as Jessie, Toccarra Cash as Malika, Moses Storm as Michael, Jackee Harry as Zora, George Wallace as Abraham and Farah Felisbret as Aisha.

Everything’s Trash Season 1 recap

The show started with Phoebe coming up on a podcast about her struggling days in Brooklyn. She also introduced some of her closest friends to a relative like Michael her roommate and best friend, Malika her closest associate, and her brother Jayden with whom she shares a very unique bond. Phoebe also talked about her dating life with Hamilton her brother’s opponent during his political campaign and career. As she grew up in a middle-class family, Phoebe also shed some light on the changing wealth and money factors she witnessed in her life.

Everything’s Trash Season 2 trailer

Freeform has not renewed the show until now, so there is no trailer or teaser released on season 2 of Everything’s Trash. You can still watch the trailer of season one on top of this article.

Where to watch Everything’s Trash season 2 Online?

If the show is renewed, upon its release it will be available on the streaming platform Freeform. The season of the show is currently streaming with all 10 episodes on HULU.

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