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Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date: Renewed?

Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date
Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date

The South Korean television entertainer was a new attempt made in the Korean television industry. Sc-fi was not always the first choice when it comes to Korean series genres. Kim Jee-Woon, therefore, attempted to try that out as an experimental thing. Even though the series is set in multiple fields, they were able to utilize all those elements in the right sequence which finally awarded the successful band. The series was planned to the air like a series and got premiered on November 4, 2021. Interestingly most of the departments were controlled by Kim himself making a huge statement to the public. Apart from the director’s and writer’s roles he handled the production department by heading a strong team along with him. Furthermore, the Korean series streamed six episodes in its first season and left much more space behind.

Bound Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, Dark Circle Pictures, and Studio Plex were the production partners of the series. Dr. Brain however was not written to make a show based on it. The show was set to be published as a webtoon on the Daum website. But this attempt failed and went unable to find an opening in the market. The reason for its cancellation is still unknown as the officials haven’t given any explanations for the cause. Moreover, the television drama gained popularity after the first two episodes. People were keenly observing the content of the series and got impressed by its storyline as well as the making. Recording as much as eighty percent of traffic for the show, it is also one of the most awaited shows on the entire planet. Despite the delays in the production works due to the pandemic, they finished it on time.

Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date

Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date
Dr. Brain Season 2

The first season of Dr. Brain concluded leaving several questions unanswered. There was a lack of clarity on whether the series worked everything which they were trying to establish. The answer to all the confusing elements may be solved in the next season. There is no point in asking whether there will be a second season or not. The question will be when? It was confirmed that Dr. Brain will have a second season soon enough. Since the story for the series is adapted from the proposed webtoon, all the contents in the same need to be delivered right in the show also. According to the webtoon, there are more contents to be presented.

In addition, the series was used as a trial version to know how these types of genres go in the country. After getting a massive appraisal from the people their prime focus will be to make the series a trademark and put the series in the history books. Reports are stating that the release date for the show is set for 2022. However, we can confirm that the product works for the series haven’t started yet and might be delayed. Apple TV Plus had renewed the series for a second season but the exact dates for release if not disclosed by the production team. Based on the circumstances, Dr. Brain season 2 can be expected betwixt the end of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Dr. Brain Season 1 Release Date 4 November 2021
Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date

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Dr. Brain Season 2 Story

The story of Dr. Brain is an investigation regarding the deaths of Sewon’s parents. Sewon Koh is a scientist who was studying deeply the human brain and some methods to connect memories into powerful vibrations. He develops supernatural abilities while examining some brain cells of a dead man. This makes him more inspired to find the real cause of the death of his mother when he was a child. His investigation turns out into unexplainable or unexpressed conditions considerably.

Dr. Brain Season 2 Cast

Dr. Brain Season 2 Release Date
Dr. Brain Season 2

Lee Sun-Kyun: Sewon Koh

The 47-year-old Korean actor graduated from the Korea National University of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In addition, he is a two-time best actor winner and had contributed to several series and movies. His twenty-two-long year career involves forty-one movies, twenty-five television series, five music videos, and so on. Furthermore, Lee debuted through a short movie titled “Psycho Drama” in the year 2000. Most of the television dramas he acted in were a great success and gave him numerous awards as well.

Dr. Brain Season 2 Trailer

Since Apple TV Plus renewed the series for yet another run, an official teaser followed by a trailer is expected shortly. 

Where to Watch Dr. Brain Season 2?

Apple TV Plus is the official streaming partner of Dr. Brain. All the episodes of the show can be accessed through their official application as well as through the website.  

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