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Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date
Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is a Japanese web manga series written by Nanashi and published by Kodansha. The manga webcomic is also known by the name Don’t Bully Me, Miss Nagatoro which was published on November 1, 2017, in Magazine Pocket. It is a romantic comedy-drama which was later during the year April 11, 2021, adapted as a television series under the direction of Hirokazu Hanai. Here we will tell you about Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 release date, characters, and trailer.

The story is based on Senpai and Hayase Nagatoro who study in the same school. Senpai is the name she uses to tease Naoto Hachioji as he was an introvert and also regulated public interactions. Not only from Nagatoro but almost the rest of the students enjoyed bullying him despite being a senior. All the continuous verbal harassment especially from Nagatoro made him extremely sad. However, understanding that Nagatoro was using a romantic gesture while bullying him, Senpai start having feelings for her. Consequently, they landed up in a relationship that modified the personality in Hachioji. Nagatoro’s friends’ namely Yoshii, Gamo, and Sakura who teased and bullied Hachioji have started to befriend him. It was then the story takes a turn when the Art Club’s future is in danger and they work to keep things back on track.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date  

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date
Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

The 101st chapter of Don’t Toy with me Miss Nagatoro is scheduled for its release on March 8, 2022. The web manga series can be read from Kodansha US and also from Magazine Pocket. The series was started publishing on November 1, 2017, which was printed by Shonen Magazine Comics. A total of 99 chapters had been published from the 12 volumes to date. In addition, it has uploaded its last chapter on February 7, 2022. The next chapter is expected to come out by 19 or 20 February 2022.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 99 Recap

The episode portrays Nagatoro and Senpai stuck in the bathroom where they have conversations. Sunomiya was in the men’s bathroom while she was finding a way to reach the other side of the room. Sunomiya also faces some trouble while some boys see her in a towel where she rushes to the room to hide. She later jumps across the room to reach Sunomiya and be with him than leaving him alone with Nagatoro. Nagatoro also appreciates how courageous Senpai has evolved through the ages. A judo game is also remembered in the middle as a flashback. 

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Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Characters

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Chapter 101 Release Date
Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

Naoto Hachioji

Hachioji is also called Senpai by Nagatoro. Senpai is most of the time bullied and left helpless. The introvert loves to live his life with minimum socialization. He is a nerd who focuses on the ways that improve his life academically but get attracted to Nagatoro after continuously interacting with her. Senpai always stood calm even in embarrassing situations that he had to deal with daily.

Hayase Nagatoro

Nagatoro is a first-year student in the same school where Hachioji studies. Her friends always called her the pet name ‘Hayacchi’. She always bullies him with the name Senpai and is the only person Senpai reacted to. Considerably, Senpai and Nagatoro became committed which results in a personality change for Senpai. Her best friends Yoshi, Sakura, and Gamo-Chan were her best friends who stood by her side even after Hachioji came into her life. 


Gamo-chan is a popular and confident student studying along with Nagatoro. She even helps Senpai and Nagatoro in their relationships by conducting some friendly pranks. The sarcastic student is one of the bullies who abuse Senpai the most. She uses the word Paisen to abuse Naoto Hachioji.


Yoshi is a kind-hearted girl who loves peace. Even though Yoshi calls Naoto Hachioji Sense, she acts in a childish attitude. She even loves to imitate her friends and often takes the initiative in organizing dates.


She is one of the best friends to Nagatoro who appears often late to the college. Sakura flirts with most of the people during her conversation however, also an intelligent as well as kind-hearted individual.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Trailer  

The official trailer of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoros‘s television animated series was released on January 23, 2021. However, the web manga series was released on November 1, 2017, and is published on Magazine Pocket by Kodansha. 

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