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Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers!

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date
Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Disenchantment is an American adult animated satirical fantasy sitcom that is developed by Matt Groening. There have been four batches of ten episodes each, for a total of forty. In 2018, the first part was released, the second part was released in 2019, the third part in January 2021, and in February 2022 the fourth was released. The series centers on Bean, a disobedient and drunken princess, along with her gullible elf companion Elfo and her destructive “personal demon” Luci. It is set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland. Here’s what we know about Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date.

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Disenchantment is a story of Bean, who is a rebellious, drunken, and adventurous princess, her elf friend Elfo, and her destructive but loving “personal demon” Luci is followed in the Dreamland television series, which is set in the fictional medieval European realm. The group investigates Dreamland and other nearby regions over the course of four parts and unearths a fantastic scheme.

As of now, Netflix has not formally renewed the series, but given that part four is now complete, we can certainly anticipate some sort of announcement within the next few months. The average time between each run of episodes is about a year, considering this, we can anticipate that season five will return at the beginning of 2023.

Name of the ShowDisenchantment
Season NumberSeason 5
GenreFantasy, Sitcom
Disenchantment Season 1 Release Date17 August 2018
Disenchantment Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Disenchantment Season 5 Overview

Disenchantment Season 5 Story

The series centers on Bean, a rebellious, alcoholic, adventurous, kind, altruistic, and courageous princess who also happens to be accompanied on her escapades by Elfo, a naive elf, and Luci, her personal demon who is also destructive yet compassionate. Before it ended on a cliffhanger with Bean and Dagmar traveling to Maru, Elfo ending up in heaven, Luci getting kidnapped, and Zog remaining in Dreamland, those were the main storylines for Part 1 that took place in various locales.

The cliffhanger is immediately followed by part 2, which features Bean learning about her mother’s true goals, rescuing Elfo and Luci, and reuniting with her father in episode three. Thereafter, Bean, Elfo, and Luci engage in new episodic misadventures. In the opening moments of Part 2, an airship carrying a pilot from Steamland crashes into Dreamland territory. Despite having a minimal understanding of physics, Bean is interested and travels to Steamland with him. However, when she learns of a conspiracy involving her father’s assassination, When she returns to Dreamland, she inadvertently shoots King Zog, foils the plan, and nearly witnesses Elfo and Luci being burned at the stake. However, after falling into a cavern, she encounters Dagmar once more.

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Where Part 2 left off, Part 3 picks up with Dagmar trying to manipulate Bean to mend their relationship, but Bean sees through her deception, exposes her to the Trgs, and flees with Elfo and Luci. However, once she returns to Dreamland, she runs into new issues that force her to visit Steamland once more, where she meets its ruler, Alva Gunderson tries to marry her, but Bean manages to escape once more. She ends up having a romantic relationship with a mermaid, Mora, but upon returning to Dreamland, she believes it was all a dream.

She attempts everything she can to prepare for the green smoke after returning to Dreamland and ending a conspiracy, but she fails and becomes Queen of Dreamland. Elfo sacrifices himself to keep the hostile ogres away, much to Bean’s despair, and she then encounters Dagmar, who puts her into an elevator that transports them to Hell, while Luci ends up in heaven after being beheaded by elevated doors.

In the first scene of Part 4, Dagmar forces Bean to wed Satan in order to pay his debt to hell; however, Bean turns the tables and weds Dagmar in order to free himself along with Luci and Jerry. After being treated for his craziness, Zog leaves Twinkletown Insane Asylum. When Bean and Zog are reunited, they discover that Cloyd and Becky have taken control of Dreamland. The puppet Freckles comes to life and joins forces with Cloyd and Becky, who have also changed into puppets. Bean learns that Dreamland is where the Sea Trgs and elves, who had been living beneath a damaged, submerged portion of Dreamland Castle, had gone missing. When Zog searches for Ursula, he learns that she gave birth to a bear cub named Jasper, Zog’s second son.

Following Ursula’s alleged death, Zog returns Jasper to Dreamland. The Elves, Trgs, and Sea Trgs began to appear in Bean’s nightmares. Jasper and Derek start fighting out of jealousy, but after throwing Elfo down the stairs, they start getting along. Elfo is discovered spying on the elves and trogs. After finding the Trg’s goo and consuming it, Leavo gets changed into a Trg. Elfo learns that Trgs is what elves are. In her nightmares, Bean sees her mother, and while pursuing her, she keeps failing. Elfo is made to drink the goo by the Trgs after Derek and Jasper are compelled by Zog to attend school, but Luci saves him.

After confronting the Elves harassing Derek and Jasper after school because Derek believes he killed an elf named Freckles, the two decided to leave Dreamland. Bean keeps running across the woman from her dreams. She refers to the woman in her nightmares as Bad Bean, a dream-time doppelganger. When Bad Bean enters the real world, Bean is left helpless. Using the Oracle Fire, Bad Bean makes calls to Dagmar and Satan.

Derek and Jasper are brought to Steamland by Freckles, who then sell them to P.T. before being captured. Odval is also taken prisoner when he and Zog pursue them. The freak show is where Ursula’s continued survival is found after they are confined within. When Dagmar arrives, she tries to kill Bean by throwing her off the balcony, but Mora finds Bean since Bean has left the dream world and decapitated Bad Bean. At the end of Season 4, it appears that Dagmar and Satan have taken control over Dreamland.

Disenchantment Season 5 Characters

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Performing the role of Bean, a 19-year-old princess from Dreamland is Abbi Jacobson. She likes to drink. Despite having a rebellious nature, she nevertheless cares for the residents of Dreamland, her father, and her friends. She gradually learns over the series that she possesses a magical ability that causes black lightning; this might be because her ancestors were given magic when they struck a deal to become stronger.

Eric André plays Pendergast, the commander of King Zog’s knights, and Luci, Bean’s personal demon. Elfo from Elfwood is played by Nat Faxon. He enjoys sugar and is upbeat. King Zog, played by John DiMaggio, is Bean’s father and the monarch of Dreamland in the Grunkwitzian Royal House. Tress MacNeille plays Queen Oona, the stepmother of Bean and the second and ex-wife of King Zog. She married into the family as a result of a coalition between the kingdoms and is a humanoid amphibian monster from Dankmire.

Prince Merkimer, from the realm of Bentwood, is set to marry Bean but was transformed into a pig, and Prince Derek, as Zog and Oona’s hybrid son and Bean’s half-brother, respectively, is played by Matt Berry. As Dreamland’s three-eyed prime minister Odval, Maurice LaMarche played the role. King Zog’s first wife and Bean’s mother, Queen Dagmar, is played by Sharon Horgan. It turns out that she was a wicked sorceress and dictator who attempted to use force to make Bean fulfill her family’s Underworld debt and fulfill her destiny, but her daughter rebelled.

Disenchantment Season 5 Trailer

You can find the link to Disenchantment Season one trailer on top of this article.

Where To Watch Disenchantment Season 5 Online?

Currently, you can watch all four seasons of Disenchantment on Netflix.

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