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Destan Episode 10 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers!

Destan Episode 10 Release Date
Destan Episode 10 Release Date

Destan is a Turkish historical action-packed adventurous television series that was streamed on November 23, 2021. The series was developed by Bozdag Film under the direction of Emir Khalilzadeh. They have already released nine episodes in the first season with a running time of approximately 150 minutes. Despite being featured as a historical drama, the characters shown are more fictional than real.

The story portrays Akkiz who lived in mountains on the steppes of Central Asia and Korkut Khan who resides Gok palace. The series proceeds with their love story trying to make swords and their heart as a shield. The story takes place in the ninth century before Islam was accepted in The Destan and also when Turkish people were learning more about Islam. Later Akkiz and Korkut manage to achieve what seemed to the people as impossible using their love for each other.

Destan Episode 10 Release Date   

The tenth episode of Destan season 1 is scheduled for release on February 8, 2022, at 8 pm Turkish time. The show has a running time of approximately two hours and is currently streaming online on the ATV network. The show was premiered on November 23, 2021, and had telecasted nine episodes already. The latest episode broadcast was on February 01, 2022. Even though there is no official confirmation on further release dates, the unofficial report points out chances for 3 more episodes this season. Destan has gained popularity not only in Turkey but around the world with its unique storytelling and theme in a very short time.

Destan Season 1 Story


In the 8th century in central Asia, the Turkish were not introduced to Islam. China was the dominant force in the surrounding area and wanted to conquer the area. The Turkish tribe known by the name “Atam” started to work and fight against each other which many had died. Therefore, a rivalry generates between the Gok Khanate and Dag Khanate. The great Khan of Gok Khanate suspects Baalamir Yabgu his brother’s daughter of the reason behind the rebellion and takes her to marry his son Batuga. They head to the Western Gok Khanate without knowing about Akkiz waiting to seek revenge.

Akkiz who was waiting to kill Alpagu Khan hurts the ruler of Gok Khanate with her arrows. She was taken hostage after taking the injured Alpagu Khan to the palace where she met a prisoner named “Batuga”. Alpagu was seriously injured meantime his son Kaya Tegin and Timur Tegin starts the fight for the throne which creates an ambush. An attempt is made by Colpan Han to save Akkiz but ends in the hands of Gok. The problems that occurred during his recovery period in the state made Alpagu disturbed as well as angry with his brother and sons. 

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The burning thought to kill Alpagu rose day by day inside Akkiz. Alpagu was recovered from the arrow attack and ordered an investigation on the attack. This consequently leads to Akkiz , Saltuk, and Colpan. Akkiz who didn’t know her mission found out that and worked alongside Batuga. She tried and succeeded to catch the attention of Alpagu and also knew it was not easy to kill him in his palace as her life would be in danger. There rises a situation that could even step Alpagu down from the throne however manages to get over it. Batuga who was struck in the secret tunnel to Yaman plays a mind game with Kaya while Akkiz has to escape from Gok. 

Kaya and Temur get detained by Colpan Hatun as a result Alpagu Khan tries everything he can to rescue his sons. Meanwhile, Balamir plans on taking the throne by gathering the congress and claiming power. This makes Akkiz and Batuga make a new action plan to stop his attempt. Alpagu Khan gets injured and is taken to the mountains to heal by Akkiz and Batuga. During the healing process, Akkiz and Alpagu get themselves in an emotional bond. Balamir uses this time and conquers the palace. On the other hand, Batuga unites the Mountain and sky against Balamir. Later Alpagu is recovered but he knows about Akkiz real intentions and gets angry. In addition to this, Baatuga agrees to marry Kircicek which was a shock to Akkiz. This raises more terrible situations.

Destan Season 1 Cast and Characters    

Destan Episode 10 Release Date

Akkiz: Ebru Sahin

Akkiz played by Ebru Sahin is a warrior in the series. Her determination is steady and consistent. While Akkiz is extremely dangerous, she has a very kind heart too.

Batuga: Edip Tepeli

Batuga intends to conquer the throne but has to overcome numerous barriers to reach the target. He is very protective especially on Akkiz who had feelings for each other.

Destan Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer of Destan was released on October 14, 2021. The series is currently telecasted on the ATV network at 8 pm Turkish time and 10:30 pm IST. The show is also available on YouTube generally dropping at 9:17 pm GMT and 2:47 pm IST. At 5:17 am PHT, the show will be uploaded in the Philippines. However, Americans can view the episode by 4:17 pm EST (-1Day).

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