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Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date
Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date

Deca Dence is a unique Japanese anime series, with action and sci-fi genres, that is pleasant and nerve-wracking simultaneously. The story of Deca Dence is written by Hiroshi Seko, and the series is directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Kazufumi Kikushima Hiroto. It Is created by the NUT Studio which has delivered just three shows by now including Deca Dence. This anime debuted in July 2020 and it ran for twelve episodes before concluding in September 2020. It has been rated 7.4 on MyAnimeList and 7.0 on IMDb.

Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date

Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date
Deca Dence Season 2

It is assumed that the Deca Dence Season 2 would be profoundly impossible. The primary explanation is that the studio has closed the series with a veritable completion, which passes on no space to proceed with the story. Regardless of whether there are, the studios wouldn’t actually try making new stories, it would be exceptionally far-fetched to hope for a second season as the show is not that well-known.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Deca Dence Season 1 Release Date8 July 2020
Deca Dence Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date

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Deca Dence Season 2 Story

The story starts with far in the future, a mysterious creature known as Gadol, who unexpectedly emerged as a danger to mankind. The people on the planet bind themselves to the Tank, a lower locale in the huge fortress Deca-Dence. While the Gears who live on the upper floors are heroes who go out to battle as a component of the Power, most Tankers are content to offer help from the backlines, butchering Gadoll meat and building up guards. Natsume is among the people who would prefer to go to the bleeding edges; unflinching by her prosthetic right arm, she tries to join the modest number of Tanker fighters who join the Gears in battle. In any case, in spite of her friends at the shelter each accepting their work tasks, Natsume’s selection to the Power remains unapproved. Meanwhile, she starts some work as a cleaner in a defensive layer fix group driven by the hardcore and emotionless Kaburagi. However, at first, being cold to his subordinate, he perceives in her the possibility to disturb the status quo of the world. He becomes Natsume’s new mentor and prepares her for the exceptional and one-of-a-kind job in the framework.

Deca Dence Season 2 Characters

Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date
Deca Dence Season 2

Kaburagi is one of the main protagonists in Deca-Dence, it was played by Japanese VA Katsuyuki Konishi. He is a veteran armor repairer, he is obtuse, sullen, and compassionate. He was once an incredible champion, yet long stretches of discipline from the Power have broken his soul and he spends his days unresponsively.

Hugin is an individual from the Game Police that keeps reconnaissance in the Deca-dence and arranges or recovers a bug when it is found. His need is to stringently follow orders from the System and is dreaded by the cyborgs. He is the principal bad guy of the story.

Fennel is an Armor fixing specialist in Kaburagi Group, a work senior of Natsume.

Natsume is one of the protagonists of the show, she fantasizes about joining The Power and battling Gadol as a champion. Nonetheless, the people pulling the strings question her capacities, and she winds up working under Kaburagi as a sterilization specialist and protective layer repairer.

Minato is the Commander in Chief of Deca-dence. He is cool as a cucumber, cerebral, and indispensable in the battle against the Gadol.

Donatello was an individual Ranker of Kaburagi in the Deca-Dence project. The two of them battled as heroes in the Top Ranker group. After a colleague found tricking the game, Donatello was terminated and was turned into the jail instigator.

Linmei is a supporting character in the show. She is a young lady who is jittery with Natsume, starting a quarrel for no obvious reason somehow. She filled in as a destruction specialist after she left the home.

The Pipe is a Gadol. Dissimilar to typical Gadol, he isn’t fierce. A long time back, Kaburagi found Pipe caught in a piece of Gadoll tissue, stuck on Deca-dence’s walls. Acknowledging Pipe wasn’t harmful, Kaburagi chose to bring him back home and care for him as a pet. Natsume chooses to name him “Line” after he brings her a line.

Fei is a companion of Natsume who turned into a destruction laborer after she left the home. She regards Natsume’s fantasy to turn into a champion, however, consistently stresses her government assistance.

Deca Dence Season 2 Trailer

You can find the official trailer of Deca- Dence on top of this article. As of now, there is no confirmation for the release of Deca-Dence season 2.

Where To Watch Deca Dence Season 2

You can watch all twelve episodes of Deca-Dence Season one on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and also on Netflix.

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