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Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date: Chinese Anime Return, When?

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date
Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date

The Donghua (a Chinese term for anime which is made in China) Da Wang Rao Ming, with a literal English translation as Spare Me, Great Lord, is an ONA (Original Net Animation – the animated project that is directly released on the internet on streaming platforms and not first on local cable TV and then on OTT platforms) which was released in the year 2021 and, with its amazing animation and plot, has won over a lot of fans’ hearts. Recently, the Chinese animated sector has seen quite a lot of growth as compared to the Japanese market. Donghuas like this one and Link Click did so well with the viewers that some of the critics stated that soon China will take over Japan in terms of animated stuff.

This action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy anime was produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures while being animated by BigFireBird Animation. It was adapted from a Chinese manhua (a Chinese term for a comic book which is originally written and published in Chinese or Mandarin) of the same name, which was drawn by Yuedong Wenghua; the story was provided by Huishuohua de Zhouzi and was serialized by Tencent Animation. It was made available to readers on December 13, 2019, and has been going on since then. Since August 2021, Harbin Publishing House has made it available as a book.

The show has an incredible beginning. However, there is a noticeable difference in the level of animation between the opening and the show itself, despite the fact that both the opening and the ending were excellent and marketing successes. The use of BGM (background music) is not intrusive, but it creates a certain atmosphere and functions even if you are not aware of it. There are no flaws in the sound design or feel, but it also didn’t stand out very often; only in a few flashbacks did it stand out and cause you to pay more attention, but overall it has a great sound design. Aside from its opening, the drama’s greatest feature is unquestionably its comedy. Simply put, humour has become so prevalent that it occasionally even ruins the potential for dramatic moments. All the other genres are also a perfect blend of all those in just that first episode.

The lack of appropriate English subtitles for this series may have contributed to a slight decline in the popularity and likeability of the program. Although the plot might seem like your standard “MC is weak and then becomes OP,” there were a lot of other factors that contributed to the story’s overall excellence. Other than that, we could characterize it as a wonderful fusion of cultivation and contemporary Donghua. The only thing missing from the story is romance; otherwise, it has good comedy, action, and a cool opening.

This Donghua would have been much better if they had focused more on the side characters’ lives, showing their daily struggles, pasts, motivations, and goals instead of almost always showing them from Lu Shu’s perspective. However, this might change in the upcoming season because one girl has the same physical appearance as the main character, and that might be an indication of potential romance in the series.

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date
Da Wang Rao Ming season 2

Season one of Da Wang Rao Ming was released on December 3, 2021, and ran till February 11, 2022, with 12 episodes, each lasting about 25 minutes, a typical anime episode length. Since the end of season 1, there has been no news regarding season 2 of the show other than that it will be returning for the second season.

Looking at the anime market, a lot of anime come out every day, with a fraction of them being renewed for new seasons while others just dropped after season one. While a lot of them receive no news regarding the cancellation or renewal. But maybe it will come out no sooner than 2024. So, for now, we have no option other than to wait patiently for some news from the studio or producers for the final date of the show. It is expected that it will have the same number of episodes with the same run time.

Name of the ShowDa Wang Rao Ming
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Action
Da Wang Rao Ming Season 1 Release Date3 December 2021
Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Overview

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Da Wang Rao Ming Season 1 Recap

The first season’s plot revolves around Lu Shu, an orphan who only has a walnut-shaped pendant from his parents. He is not your average orphan; he is a metahuman witnessing changes in himself, his country, and the world at the dawn of the magical era. When he is involved in a truck accident, his pendant saves him while also providing him with the distress point system. He has an adoptive sister, Lu Xiaoyu, who ran away from the orphanage when he was 16 to live with Lu Shu.

Lu Shu has tried several times to send her back so she can have a better chance in life, but she always escapes and returns to his home. The basic premise of the story is quite simple: a brother and sister do their best to live their lives to the fullest until many people begin to awaken abilities that become a turning point in their lives. An organization called Heavenly Network begins to recruit students who have awakened these abilities and trains them to enhance their superpowers, one of whom is Lu Shu.

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Story

Da Wang Rao Ming season 2 Release Date
Da Wang Rao Ming season 2

There were a lot of questions at the end of season one, and there are a lot of mysteries that were never properly answered. The Heavenly Network, which recruits students, was confusing, and they did not provide a proper explanation of the star systems. We are expecting a lot of proper explanations for such things. To do so, the anime needs to pick up right after where it left off in season one of the comic book, but nothing is definite as of this moment since it is still published and there is not enough material available right now.

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Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Characters

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Release Date
Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2

The confirmed cast of the show so far is as follow Lu Shu is voiced by Yang Tianxiang, Lu Xiaoyu, Shi Xuejin, Nie Ting, and Li Xianyi. Other characters and cast members have not been confirmed yet. Characters from previous seasons who were integral parts of the show and, according to us, have the chance of appearing in the show include – Cao Qingci, Jiang Shuyi, Li Qingyu, Li Yixiao, Liu Li, Nie Ting, voiced by Zhang Jie, Shi Xuejin, voiced by Wei Chao, and Xi Fei. 

Lu Shu, the main character of the first season, accumulates points for his gacha system by irking or antagonizing others. After 12 episodes, Lu Shu is still the same brother who, in the first episode, didn’t care about anyone but his sister; this lack of character development struck me as a little monotonous.

In the upcoming season, we anticipate some solid character growth. A nice touch was the chemistry between Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, two impoverished orphan siblings who are not blood relatives but who support one another as they move on. Every one of the supporting players serves as Lu Shu’s tool to score points and justify his unexpected growth.

How is it possible for Lu Shu to become a martial arts expert so quickly? The answer is Li Xianyi, an elderly man. A convenient victim for the emergence of his power? The answer is Liu Li, who also serves as the class’s stereotypical bully. Jiang Shuyi is the class’s big brain, providing answers to various questions that arise as the story progresses, but no explanation or hint is given as to his source for this vast knowledge on highly classified matters, to whose answers we might expect in the new season hopefully.

Then there are the two teachers, the solemn Xifei and the amusing Li Yixiao, who both exist in the world as tools for interacting with Lu Shu but lack depth and any sort of personal characteristics, which was disappointing to watch, but just like other characters, we might see some development in this case too.

Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for season 2 yet. It is not expected to come out before 2024, but if it is made available before then, we will update you. You can watch the same for season one on various Youtube channels with proper English subtitles. 

Where to Watch Da Wang Rao Ming Season 2 Online?

Currently, the show is not available to stream on a lot of sites. In a lot of countries, it is not even available to stream on a single platform. According to the official website of the show, season one was available to stream on Tencent Video, where each episode was made available every Friday at 12 o’clock, Chinese time.

Other than that, there are no official platforms where the show is available to stream. We expect Da Wang Rao Ming season 2 to be made available on Tencent Video, and if it gains more popularity, then it may be available on more platforms to stream. You can also watch this on 9anime.

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