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Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date
Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Cutie Pie is a Thais television series that premiered on February 19, 2022. The business-oriented romantic comedy-drama is written by May Piangpaitoon Satrawaha. Cutie Pie is developed by Giga Sabiyong under the direction of Aoftion Kittipat Jampa as well as Klaryder Nathawat Piyanonpong. The television series is also known by the name Cutie Pie the series and Ning Hia Ko Ha Wa Sue. In addition, the original version of the series is released in Thais language and is processed in a 1080i HD format.

Cutie Pie is a romantic comedy-drama which is taken place in a business setting. The series majorly focuses on the life of the LGBTQ+ community and the situations which occur as a consequence. It also includes the issues in taking decisions related to personal priorities. The real-life comparable television series pivot around two people in romantic relationships. Lian Kilen Wang was the son of a major business company that had millions of turn over. The exact applies to Kuea Keerati who is also known by the name Kirin. Their romantic relationship considerably evolved into marriage. However, the duos had problems in mutual understanding as well as decision making. 

Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date
Cutie Pie

The fifth episode of Cutie Pie season 1 is scheduled for its release on March 19, 2022. Cutie Pie season 1 is currently aired every Saturday. The show was premiered on February 19, 2022. In addition, the production team of Cutie Pie had declared 12 episodes for the first season. However, two episodes have already been released to date. They had declared 12 episodes for the first season. However, two episodes have already been released to date. While the previous episode was released on February 26, 2022, the next part is expected to come out by 5 March 2022. Moreover, within the first two episodes, the show had gained immense popularity. Therefore, the series can expect an announcement for the second season soon enough. 

Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date19 February 2022
Cutie Pie Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date19 March 2022

Cutie Pie Season 1 Recap 

The first two episodes introduced Lian Kilen Wang and Kuea Keerati in a business setting. Both of them belong to a rich family and decided to get married. On the other hand, they were facing conflict in decision-making about the medium of getting married. They confront each other based on different issues. The relationship between Nuea and Diao was growing at a steady pace. Hia Lian was seen multi-faceted at times and exhibited different characters in the second episode. At the same time, the series goes through both humorous as well as emotional sequences.

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Cutie Pie Season 1 Cast

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie

Zee Pruk Panich: Lian Kilen Wang

Lian Kilen Wang is played by the Thais actor Zee Pruk Panich. The 29-year-old actor from Thailand was graduated from Bangkok University with a Bachelor of Communication Arts and Advertising. Zee is a product of Domundi TV agency that was debuted in the year 2018. He played the role of Captain as a debutant in the television series named “Friend Zone”. Later in 2020, Zee acted in two series namely “Why R U?” as well as “Sugar Café” playing Fighter and Popeye respectively. In addition, he appeared on a music video titled “Empty Embrace”.

New Chawarin Perdpiriyawong: Kuea Keerati

Kuea Keerati also known by the name Kirin in the series Cutie Pie is played by the Thai actor New Chawarin Perdpiriyawong. The 20-year-old Thais actor is at present pursuing his graduation from the University of Kasetsart. He was debuted in the year 2020 through the television series “So sat Seoul say” as a guest appearance. Later, in 2021 he acted in “DMD Reality” followed by “Vlog Zee Nunew” in the year 2022. However, Cutie Pie is his recent television series which was released in 2022. 

Tutor Koraphat: Nuea

Nuea is played by the Thai actor Tutor Koraphat in the television series Cutie Pie. The 21-year-old actor from Thailand is pursuing his business administration graduate from the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. The tutor was introduced in the year 2020, through the series “So sat Seoul say”. In addition, he had acted in four drams and the recent being Cutie Pie released in 2022.

Where To Watch Cutie Pie Season 1?

The first episode of Cutie Pie season 1 was released on February 19, 2022. Cutie Pies is currently telecasted on Workpoint TV every Saturday at 10:30 PM TST. The show is running with a duration of approximately 60 minutes on each episode. 

Cutie Pie Season 1 Trailer

The official trailer of Cutie Pie was released on 31 January 2022. It introduces Kuea Keerati and his fiance Hia Lian. The trailer is presented in a way that Kue Keerati narrates the plot of the series. 

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