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Criminal Justice Season 4 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Criminal Justice Season 4 Release Date
Criminal Justice Season 4 Release Date

Criminal Justice is an ongoing Disney Hotstar+ crime, thriller, and drama web series which is written by Shridhar Raghavan. The Hotstar series’ first aired on 5 April 2019 with 10 episodes in its very first season. Thigmanshu Dhulia, who is a veteran in acting directed this series along with Vishal Furia.

After the success of the first season, Criminal Justice released the second season in 2020. Hotstar again returned after two years with the third season which started airing on 26th august 2022. Vikrant Massey and Pankaj Tripathi who are playing the lead roles in the series are winning millions of hearts with the release of each episode. Having icons like Pankaj Tripathi and Jackie Shroff creates hype for the show, Criminal Justice has been able to live up to those hypes and expectations through its thrilling storylines.

After the success the of first two seasons of Criminal Justice, we will have to wait to see how season 3 will do on the OTT platform. The success of the season matters a lot for Disney to renew the show with the fourth season. To know more about ‘Criminal Justice season 4’, keep scrolling!

Criminal Justice Season 4 release date

Criminal Justice Season 4 Release Date
Criminal Justice season 3

There have been no announcements from creators and distributors about the release of ‘Criminal Justice season 4’, hence we cannot provide you the information regarding the release dates of the season. However, since the show has been doing so well on the rating charts, it’s highly anticipated that the show will return with a fourth season in the coming months.

Criminal Justice’s all three seasons combined have procured 8.1 out 10 on IMBD’s official website, currently, the show is doing good and it also is dependent on the ending of the third season.

Name of the ShowCriminal Justice
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreCrime, Court
Criminal Justice Season 1 Release Date5 April 2019
Criminal Justice Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Criminal Justice Season 4 Overview

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Criminal justice season 4 story

Since season 4 hasn’t been announced yet by the creators, we have no information regarding the possible storyline of Criminal Justice season 4. We can expect lawyer Madhav Mishra to return in the fourth season to be on another journey in a legal drama scenario.

Criminal Justice season 4 characters

Criminal Justice Season 4 Release Date
Criminal Justice season 3

Since season 4 hasn’t been announced yet, we have no information about who will be returning to the cast or who will be added. Here are the characters of season 3: Pankaj Tripathi as Madhav, Rucha Inamdar as Avni, Anupriya Goenka as Nikhat, Vikrant Massey as Aditya, Madhurima Roy as Sanaya Rath, Mita as Mandira Mathur, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Layak, Pankaj Saraswat as Raghu Saljan, Gayatri Gauri as Ronjana, Jackie Shroff as Mustafa and Gautam Diwedi as Gautam Parashar.

Pankaj Tripathi is playing the lead role of lawyer Madhav Mishra, in season 3 Madhav Mishra was seen advocating for Avantika Ahuja’s son Mukul. It will be interesting to see who will Pankaj Tripathi advocate in season four of Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice Season 3 recap

Season three started with the mysterious death of Zara, Zara was a teenage superstar. Mukul (her brother) is accused of murdering his step-sister, he was captured in a CCTV camera footage when he was dragging Zara to a car. Mukul was the one who last saw Zara, which made him the prime suspect in the murder case of Zara.

Avantika Ahuja, mother of Mukul tries to help her son. But because of her helplessness in hiring an expensive lawyer for the murder case of her son, pushes her to seek help from Madhav Mishra. The show also sheds a light on various social factors like media trials, the Juvenile justice system of the country, and the mental health issues like traumas and anger management issues. It becomes harder and harder for Mukul to cope with the stress while he was disturbed by the divorce of his parents. Right now season 3 is streaming on Disney Hotstar, with 6 episodes already landed on the OTT platform we are yet to see 4 more episodes from the show. These four episodes will have a lot to add to the story. 

Criminal Justice season 4 trailer

The trailer for ‘Criminal Justice’ season 4 is still not released as Disney Hotstar hasn’t renewed the show with the fourth season. You can find the season third trailer on top of this article.

Where to Watch Criminal Justice season 4 online?

Upon its release the show ‘Criminal Justice season 4’ will be available on Disney+ Hotstar for their premium subscriber.

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