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Crash Course Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far!

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date
Crash Course Season 2 Release Date
Crash Course Season 1 trailer

Crash Course is an Indian series originally in the Hindi language, which was released this Friday on the streaming platform. We all know the hype about the most populated coaching centre in India, Kota, which is situated in the district of Rajasthan. This story, which has an educational background and school and studies set as its theme, focuses on the tie-breaking competition between the two topmost institutes situated in Kota and their rivalry on how they want to become the number one in Kota and then in the whole of Rajasthan by making the other one seem bad. Here’s what we know about Crash Course Season 2 Release Date.

Unlike other school-themed shows based on such cut-throat competition among students to do their best in competitive exams concepts like Kota Factory or Laakhon Mein Ek, which mainly focused on the students’ going through hard times and academic struggles while dealing with all kinds of stress heading their way, Crash Course tried to take another route heading that way.

Instead of just focusing on the students and the rivalry between them, it focuses on the rivalry between all of the institutions, which are normally depicted as the villains in such stories (who actually are in real life though) to be the best among the best. But looking at it collectively, there are times when you will miss those shows and their characters.

The actors that were picked to be in the show are excellent and are also the most liked of today’s time. The cast is A-listed and everyone has immersed themselves so well in their roles that it is hard to find any mistakes or detachment among them. Despite this, there were a few characters that were not written well by the writers, who failed to justify their needs in the show. It felt like a waste of time when they could have shown some better scenes or they could have simply saved the time and cut it shorter than it already is. The series is 10 episodes long, and they could have easily made it to 8 episodes, which is also a very normal and binge-able number of episodes.

The direction of the series is done excellently. It perfectly captures the beauty of the streets of India in the midday and in sunlight when they are full of students going to their living places after hours of classes, while street vendors are busy selling their wares. There is a lot of beauty in it which you can not deny. The mess area where the students eat, their hustling and bustling classes, and the seriousness of everything is perfectly depicted, which is also a plus point other than its good cast. There are a few comedic elements used here and there, which definitely keeps the series from getting boring.

The Amazon Prime original web series was directed by Vijay Maurya personally who is best known for his work in Gully Boy. It was taken up by Manish Harishprashad to write the storyline and characters, and Raina Roy, who also helped in creating the story. The show features Annu Kapoor, along with Bhanu Uday, Pranay Pachauri, Bidita Bag, and Udit Arora, and was produced by Owlet Films Production Company.

The series was recently released and has already been watched by a lot of people who are wondering whether the show will return for a new season or not. Let’s find out in the following sections while also looking at their expected story, characters, and cast after we go through a quick recap of season one. 

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date
Crash Course Season 2

There has been no announcement regarding the arrival of the new season, but there are chances of the show’s return in the future. The first season of Crash Course was released this past Friday, August 5th, 2022, and consisted of 10 episodes altogether, each lasting about fifty-five minutes. 

The show was not too enjoyable to watch, but it was not too boring either. On the first day of its release, it managed to gather enough hype. If this hype continues for weeks and months, then it will surely be picked for another season. Keeping this all in mind, the second season will be released by the end of 2023, though it may happen soon if things keep going in the right direction. 

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Series like Kota Factory, which quickly gained success, were also focused on the same concepts and were quickly renewed for new seasons. If Crash Course also continues to gather the same fame, we will see it soon for another season.

Name of the Season Crash Course
Season NumberSeason 2
Crash Course Season 1 Release Date 5 August 2022
Crash Course Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Crash Course Season 2 Overview

Crash Course Season 1 Recap

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date
Crash Course Season 2

Season one of Crash Course focused on two top institutions in Kota who are battling for the top rank in the whole of Kota and India while putting their students’ lives and careers at risk. These institutions, named the Ratanraj Jindal and Arvind Batra-led centres, want to beat each other in their game and will stop at nothing to do so.

The main theme of the story, drama, depicts the drama of eight students who have come to Kota in order to achieve academic excellence and top their exams to get the best spot in IIT college. The show supports them as they struggle through school, make friends, deal with peer pressure, and lose their youthful innocence while also experiencing first love and heartbreak.

The successive episodes were named Faces on a Billboard; Wheeler-Dealer; Covalent Bonding; The ABCD Game; Bell Curve; The Loyalty Tests; Brothers in Arms; Red Handed; Free Falling; and The End The Beginning and were approximately fifty-five minutes long.

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Crash Course Season 2 Story

If there is a new season of Crash Course coming out, it is predicted that it will pick up right where season one left off. The exact story, though, can not be predicted as of the moment because of no official announcement from the show’s producers. 

Crash Course Season 2 Cast

Crash Course Season 2 Release Date
Crash Course Season 2

The exact cast of season 2 of Crash Course is not known yet as there has been no official announcement from the show’s producers. However, if the drama series returns for a new season, the old cast from the previous season will surely make a comeback. Season 1 had a lot of new generation cast members along with a few already known actors who made their name in this line for themselves a long time ago.

The cast lineup, including their characters, are – Annu Kapoor as Ratanraj Jindal; Riddhi Kumar as Shanaya Qazi; Hetal Gada as Tejal Patel; Pranay Pachauri as Ashutosh Kumar; Chirag Vohra as Mayank Batra; Gaurav Sharma as Dheeraj Khandelwal; Bhanu Uday as Shashank Batra; Udit Arora as Binny Agarwal; Bidita Bag as Antara Jiaswal; Anushka Kaushik as Vidhi Gupta;  Aryan Singh as Rakesh Gulia;  Anvesha Vij as Nikki Kapoor;  Bhavesh Balchandani as Aviral Bharti; Aritra Dutta Banik as Sujoy Chatterjee;  Devas Dixit as Mahender; Mohit Solanki as Anil Baid;  Hridhu Haroon as Sathya Srinivasan; and Siddharth Kak as Arvind Batra.

The supporting cast members included Siddhant Rajesh Jadwani as Batra Boy; Manisha Arora as Seema; Prasanna Kiran Joshi as Advertising Executive;  Akhilesh Chavan as RJ-IT Guy; Biswajit Das as Raghav Gupta; Lokesh Verma as Warden Shah Hostel; Tapan Bhatt as Mukul; Anupam Gahoi as Lalchand (LC Sir); Vikas Kumar as Chemistry Teacher; Nishant Kumar Priyadarshi as Amit Golia (Air 1); Anshul Singh Bhati as Rishiraj Prateek (Air 2); and Ravi Raj Pandey as Gautam Khatri (Air 3). These are a few of the characters that are expected to reprise their roles.

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Crash Course Season 2 Trailer

The episodes of the first season were released last Friday. Since then, there has been no announcement regarding the new season, which includes its trailer release. You can watch the trailer for season one on the official sites of Amazon Prime Video. The trailer for the new season is very fun to watch. It shows the struggle of students who are aiming for top IITs, and the fight of big institutions for the best spot, along with a few comedy and serious scenes. 

The trailer for the new season, if and when it is released, will be available on the same sites and platforms, but you don’t need to worry since we will also update it for you here. The trailer for season one of Crash Course can be found at the top of this article.

Where to Watch Crash Course Season 2 Online?

Being an Amazon Prime Video original, the series, Crash Course, is currently available only on this particular streaming platform and is highly unlikely to change the platform in the far future.

It is available to stream around the world and you can watch it by buying the premium subscription of Amazon Prime Video, which will cost you 179 Indian Rupees for a month, 459 Indian Rupees for 3 months and 1499 Rupees for a whole year subscription.

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