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Coronation Street Season 63 Episode 1 Release Date!

Coronation Street Season 63 Episode 1 release date

Coronation Street holds the record of being a British soap opera that has been on air since 1960. The program tells us about the lives of new families in Coronation Street which is a terraced street located in a fictional town named Weatherfield, Manchester England. The Network ITV decided to renew Coronation Street for yet another new season which would be its 63rd Season at the beginning of the year 2022. 

Coronation Street holds an IMDb rating of 5.6 from the viewers of the show over the span of 63 seasons so far. There exists a mixed bag of reviews when it comes to Coronation Street. Some viewers feel that the concept of experiencing fresh new stories every other episode is an excellent thing to watch which is why Coronation Street continues to be the longest-running soap on television. Some viewers feel that while some of the cast, characters, and episodes are brilliantly written and acted out, some others just fall flat to deliver or keep up to the other episodes. Some viewers feel that the show’s depiction of people of color and different races somewhat continues to be problematic as Asian Women are always reduced to the status of quiet wives to British men. 

Coronation Street Season 63 Episode 1 Release Date 

Coronation Street Season 63 Episode 1 Release Date
Coronation Street

Episode 1 for Coronation Street will be released on the 3rd of January, 2022 which is a very pleasant surprise for all the fans of the show who have been enjoying this show for a long time now! The show will air on ITV as it has been for the past 62 seasons. There has been no release of the plot or the synopsis for the 63rd season so far and will only be revealed once the official network and makers decide to drop some new information about the new season of Coronation Street. Till then, we can wait in excitement to discover what the new season of Coronation Street will be all about. 

For all the fans who do not have access to the British network ITV, they can stream the new season 63 of Coronation Street on various online platforms. Episode 1 will be available on Hulu, Tubi, Britbox, Pluto TV for all the fans living in various different parts of the world. This means you no longer have to wait months to get access to the new episodes of a brand new season of your favorite show like Coronation Street. 

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Recap Of Coronation Street Previous Season 

Season 62 of Coronation Street has 266 episodes in total and the first episode aired on 1st January 2021. The plot and characters for the 62nd season were similar to how Coronation Street stories are. The episodes revolved around drama, love, loss, death, career, family feud, marriages, and much more depicting the everyday lives and struggles of the common families living in Weatherfield. There is no constant cast because the episodes show us different families and characters in every other episode. 

The 62 seasons of Coronation Street released in 2021 released fairly average reviews and ratings where a lot of people felt that the new season had not much to offer when it came to newer storylines or characters. While in the show’s defense when a soap opera has been running for the past 62 seasons, then a few patterns are bound to get repeated when it comes to characters and the plot.

Coronation Street Cast

Coronation Street Season 63 Episode 1 Release Date
Coronation Street

As we already know, Coronation Street follows the lives of new families in all its new seasons and episodes, which means there is no fixed cast over the past 62 seasons of Coronation Street. Most of the actors cast in the episodes can be seen for a very brief and short duration and there is a very rare chance they can be seen consecutively because the format of the show does not allow that. 

If we talk about actors who have made multiple appearances over the span of 62 seasons then there are a few prominent actors on the list to do so. Actor William Roache who plays the character Ken Barlow has made multiple appearances on Coronation Street. His first appearance was in the year 1960 and the most recent appearance happens to be in the 62nd season in November 2021. Apart from him, actors like Elleen Derbyshire who plays the role of Emily Bishop made her first appearance in the year 1961 and continued to make another appearance on the 60th season of Coronation Street in the year 2019.

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